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  1. 5 Amusing Republican Products

    Following yesterday's blog post which listed five amusing Democrat products, we're following up with five amusing Republican products. With a rather more aggressive attitude towards Democrats, and riding off the high of winning the 2016 Presidential election, here's some funny products for conservatives to show their support for the new administration while also mocking their political rivals. And isn't that the greatest joy of modern democratic politics? Unless you're Australian, in which case it'd be our Democracy Sausages. Seriously, look them up. It's a great idea. I guess America could have democracy hot dogs?

    1) The most patriotic glass I've ever seen. I don't know what freedom tastes like,

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  2. 5 Amusing Democrat Promotional Products

    While the 2016 US Presidential Election has come and gone, the eternal contest between Democrats and Republicans continues. Here are five amusing products for Democrats to show the flag, scorn their rivals, and support their politicians. All of which you'd be hard pressed to find an Australian equivalent, because for the most part we care very little about our politics, aside from a sense of vaguely amused contempt.

    1) Thanks Obama Coffee Mug. You know every time I saw "Thanks Obama" online, it was usually a bitingly sarcastic punchline by one of his critics. He's done something I disagree with. Thanks Obama (sarcasm). This democrats mug however is entirely genuine.

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  3. Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year

    With the preparations for Christmas and New Years winding down - assuming you haven't left them to the last minute, the next big holiday/festive season would be Chinese New Year. What better way to celebrate and promote the Year of the Rooster than that iconic piece of Chinese inspired cuisine, the Fortune Cookie? A simple but tasty confection with a slip of amusing - often for the wrong reasons - information inside. What's not to love? Well assuming you're not the type to get annoyed when people mistakenly say that Fortune Cookies are Chinese that is. Not Chinese?! I hear you gasp in disbelief. That's right, in the long and storied history of China, at no point was the fortune cookie invented there. As much as we'd like to say that the Emperors of yore had it as a post dinner snack, or that it was the crowning achievement of the Ming Dynasty - along with some damn fine pottery, it's actually not Chinese.


    1. Fortune cookies boost brand recognition.
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  4. The 2016 Lexus Promotional Gadget

    We've looked at a lot of different tie-in products over 2016, but this particular gadget (that pairs Lexus with a rather unexpected brand partner) may well be the most memorable of them all. Introducing the Lexus x Sriracha custom promotional car. That's right, a Sriracha car.

    This Year's HOT Promotional Product

    With Lexus wanting to make a splash at this year's LA Auto Show, Huy Fong Foods were happy to join forces to make a car as hot as the famous rooster sauce into a reality. Thise one-off branded car features an incredible assortment of customisation that takes the idea of a marketing product to whole new levels of uniqueness.

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  5. 5 Strange Personalised Candle Gifts

    Candles that smell like a new Mac Book? Yes, really!! Candles are becoming a very popular idea when it comes to gifting. We sell promotional candles and we have a good range of standard flavours. (think lemon, vanilla etc), however we came across these rather special candles flavours that we think are somewhat unique.


    • The article highlights unique and unusual candle flavors.
    • Personalized candles are popular gift choices due to their uniqueness, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.
    • Customisation options for scents, colors, sizes, and designs allow gift-givers to create a truly memorable candle gift.


    Unique Candle Flavours


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  6. Craziest Stress Balls Ever

    We're big fans of stress toys here at Cubic Promote. Not only do stress toys help relieve tension when squeezed, but they're also a great budget marketing option that people enjoy receiving. However, we'd be lying if we said all custom stress balls were the same. There are some weird and wonderful designs out there, and we've decided to track down some of the kookiest for your amusement.


    1. Reduce stress and increase focus.
    2. Engage customers with unique designs.
    3. Incorporate stress balls in marketing.


    Weird Custom Stress Balls

    • Stress Potatoes
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  7. Edible Promotional Bags Coming Soon

    Imagine this, going to a conference or an expo and receiving a lot of free advertising merchandise as well as catalogues. Once you are done going through the material that is interesting, you casually roll up the bag and eat it! This scenario is not as INSANE as it sounds as the technology and the product for an edible bag is available now!

    A Bag That Is Safe to Eat

    The holy grail for plastic bags has always been for a bag that is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. This is the product that achieves this. In fact this bag is so eco - friendly and safe that it can be eaten.

    The inventor for this idea is a chap by the name of Ashwath Hedge. He saw people struggling for options other than plastic bags. So with that in mind he decided to invent something that is cheap

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  8. 5 Tips For Good Logo Designs

    A logo is more than the sum of its parts. It's not necessarily representative of the product or service that the business provides, but it is representative of the business itself. Just like a flag stands for a country, the logo stands for a business. It's supposed to represent the business itself, everything it does, and everything it stands for. A logo is kind of a big deal is what we're saying, so you want to ensure that it's a good logo. Here are 5 quick and simple tips that will help you create a good logo design.


    1. Keep it simple for memorability.
    2. Create a timeless design.
    3. Pick appropriate typography for the brand.



    Smart Logo Design 101

    1)  Keep it

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  9. Gift Wrap Promotional Items (15 seconds)

    It's that time of year again, isn't it? With Christmas and other festive events rapidly approaching most of us are trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on our lists. The last thing you want to do is present a fantastic gift in terribly wrapped paper - which is why you need our promotional wrapping papers guide!


    • The article provides a step-by-step guide for a unique and efficient way to wrap gifts.
    • It explores different ways to wrap gifts that are stylish, creative, and Australian-inspired.
    • It emphasizes the importance of thoughtful gift wrapping and showcases sustainable and eco-friendly options.

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  10. Why You Need Temporary Tattoos

    Tattoos are a big commitment. They're not particularly cheap, they require several hours in a chair, they can be painful, and they're all but permanent. If you have a particularly heartfelt design or idea that you hold especially dear, there are worse things to do than to immortalise it in ink on your own body. But sometimes you might want to double check your intended design. Especially if it's in a different language. Case in point, tattoos of Chinese characters. Starry eyed enthusiasts might exclaim that they've gotten the letters for prosperity or bravery, but they probably should have gotten those checked out first. Here are five hilarious designs where the people being tattooed might have had better luck with a temporary tattoo.

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