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  1. Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

    Greetings, everyone! As the year comes to an end, we at Cubic Promote would like to extend our warmest holiday wishes to you and your loved ones. Since 2019 is wrapping up, it's time for us to reflect on all the exciting things that have happened in the promotional products industry this past year. And as much as we've enjoyed it, we can't wait to take on new challenges come 2020!

    Office Closure Dates

    Our main office staff will be going on break starting December 21st until January 6th of next year. However, we believe in taking care of our customers no matter what day or time it is – so if you still need help with orders or have urgent enquiries during this period (yes even over Christmas Day), don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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  2. Summer Promo Items to Get You Noticed

    With the temperature soaring past 40 degrees in areas across Australia, now is the ideal time to start investing in promotional items for summer to help get your brand noticed. Whether you've got a beachside event over the holidays, an orientation week in January, or just plan to start promoting your brand with unique custom products in 2020, this list will help you brainstorm the best possible branding solutions.


    1. Promote your brand with summer promo items.
    2. Choose practical gifts for maximum exposure.
    3. Incorporate your branding and prioritise quality.


    Summer Custom Gift Ideas

    Promotional Drink Bottles for Hydration

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  3. Forecasting 2020 Merchandise Trends

    As 2019 winds down the team here in the Cubic head office prepare for the Christmas/New Year break, we thought it would be the perfect time to look forward at promotional items trends we're sure we'll see more of in 2020. We're basing this on a variety of trends in our own business as well as overall market trends. So, what does 2020 have in store for promotional gifts?


    1. Expect growth in eco-friendly promotional products.
    2. Athletic performance clothing gains traction.
    3. More affordable branded technology emerging.


    Eco-Friendly Custom Gifts

    Several years ago, when promotional

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  4. What is Good Promotional Chocolate?

    The obvious answer to the question of "what is good promotional chocolate" would be "any promotional chocolate" however, there's actually a significant taste (and often price) difference between high-quality chocolate and lower-quality varieties. So what is good promotional chocolate? Let us give you a guide to these wonderful types of custom branded confectionary.

    Our Customised Chocolates

    Here at Cubic Promote, we stock a variety of promotional chocolates of varying flavours, sizes, and quantities. The cheaper chocolates in our range are taste-tested and super yummy, but our high-quality chocolates are manufactured with

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  5. Augmented Reality Logo Decorated T-Shirts

    We're hurtling towards a sci-fi future at breakneck speed and one Scandinavian streetwear label has embraced cutting edge tech in their latest promotional t-shirts. Carlings has created a simple white t-shirt with a small logo brand on the front that utilises augmented reality to give you 100's of designs to choose from when taking photos of the shirt. This is customised branding for the digital age and is already proving a hit with Instagram influencers the world over.

    So How Does a Promotional AR T-Shirt Work?

    Known as "The Last Statement T-Shirt" Carlings' revolutionary design is deceptively simple; a white, unisex tee with a small "ATF" logo design printed

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  6. LinkedIn Promo Items

    Businesses know that a key factor in success is having the right team in place. Attracting and retaining talented staff has been an issue for many businesses, leading to an increasing focus on creating attractive employee benefits packages. One of these increasingly common elements are freebies from companies

    LinkedIn used to be a social media oddity. It did not quite fit into anything, other than posting random work-related items which attract little to no interest. Fast forward to 2019 Linkedin is popular. So with that being said, here are some of the top LinkedIn products that I have come across on the internet.

    Blue and White


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  7. Last Minute Personalised Xmas Gifts

    December is an extremely hectic month no matter what industry you're in, and getting corporate Xmas gifts for staff or clients is likely the last thing on your mind. However, as we work our way through the month, we begin running out of options for promotional products that can be personalized and delivered in time for the Christmas break. But there's no need to fear; Cubic Promote has an extensive range of stylish logo-decorated gifts that can be completed and delivered to you in time for the holidays (assuming you get in quick).

    Promotional Metal Pens

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  8. KFC Gravy Soaked Branded T Shirts

    Fast food is a serious business for some people. I won't lie, I myself have some very strong loyalties and feelings towards certain fast food chains, and KFC is one of them. Although I don't indulge as much as I used to (trying some of that healthy living stuff) I won't deny that walking past a KFC and catching a whiff of that fried chicken, or heck, even reminiscing about it, gets my mouth watering.


    1. Use classic smells in promotions.
    2. Tactile aspects influence brand perception.
    3. Unique, exclusive promotions boost memorability.


    Promotional Products Featuring Classic Smells

    Promotional products featuring classic food smells can be a great way to attract

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  9. Logo Branded Retro Blockbuster Gifts

    Blockbuster was one of the largest chains of video rental stores in the world at one point, the absolute place to go to rent VHS tapes (and later DVDs) of your favourite movies. Obviously in the modern era, with fast internet speeds and copious streaming services, a shop like Blockbuster has long since gone the way of the dinosaurs -- but that doesn't mean people don't have fond memories of the stores.

    Promotional Products Featuring Nostalgic Logos

    Enter Dumbgood's latest collaboration featuring the nostalgic Blockbuster video logo and brand colours as streetwear goals. Not only are the products available officially licensed, but they're also a creative take on a brand that was never really known for being fashionable. Dumbgood has brought

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  10. 2020 Pantone Colour of the Year

    Because we're in the promotional print business, the entire team here at Cubic Promote follows Pantone Colour updates with great interest. Each year, Pantone names a colour thought to represent the overall mood and theme of the year ahead. In 2019 the colour was Living Coral which was a lively, positive colour and for 2020 Pantone has opted for a more traditional shade with the selection of Classic Blue.

    Understanding Pantone Colours and Its Use

    Pantone colours are an

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