Monthly Archives: August 2020

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  1. Spring 2020 Promotional Gift Ideas

    The weather is warming up and tomorrow spring will officially begin, so what kind of promotional gifts are you considering for the new season? Cubic Promote has some great options for those seeking seasonal branded corporate swag that will be sure to leave an impact.

    Logo Decorated Sunscreen

    Australians are no strangers to sunny weather and let's face it, we all love an excuse to play outside or head down to the beach (when we're not in lockdown, of course). However, the sun will burn your skin if you aren't protected from its harsh UV rays, which is why promotional sunscreen as an event gift or corporate giveaway item just makes sense. We

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  2. Cheap Promotional Gift Ideas

    Need some serious bang for your buck? 2020 has been a tough year for businesses, schools, and community organisations alike. Marketing merchandise can play a big role in winning back a lost audience or finding a whole new demographic, but it is often portrayed as being a costly investment. Not so! Today on the Cubic Promote blog we're looking at promotional merchandise that are cheap, useful, and perfect for any organisation having a tough year.

    Cheap promotional gifts are

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  3. Best-Selling Spring Marketing Merchandise

    It's hard to believe that August is nearly at a close which means we're about to begin September and launch into spring (along with some nicer weather). Spring is a great time to begin fresh marketing campaigns because everyone is emerging from the bleakness of winter, ready for something new and exciting. Today the Cubic Promote blog is looking at our best-selling promotional merchandise for spring in Australia!

    Promotional T-Shirts and Caps

    Winter is all about rugging up with jackets and hoodies, but spring is when Aussies start re-introducing classics like promotional t-shirts and promotional caps back into their wardrobes. If you're after some new staff uniforms or simply wanting to get

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  4. Nostalgic Promotional Products

    There are some promotional products that were introduced years ago but still, even in 2020, have yet to go out of style. If you're looking to tap into feelings of nostalgia among your recipients or simply want some good old-fashioned fun, then Cubic Promote has the branded merchandise you need at a price you'll love.

    Logo Decorated Dominoes Sets

    You don't need a smartphone or a TV screen to play a fun game with family or friends. Cubic Promote has a classic box of dominoes that we will decorate with your logo design. Match the dominoes end to end and watch the rivalry between players unfold! These gift boxes make ideal gifts for kids and adults alike, with many of our clients including them as part of corporate gift baskets or as competition

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  5. Fast Promotional Product Ideas

    There's nothing worse than having an event sneak up on you whether it's at work or at home. Sometimes responsibility shifts hands, sometimes an event must take place sooner than expected, or sometimes there's a change of location. It doesn't matter why you need promotional products quickly, all that matters is that Cubic Promote has a large assortment of customisable items that can be despatched quickly to wherever you are in Australia. Learn more about some of our most popular express items below and our available branding methods.


    1. Fast delivery for last-minute events.
    2. Local stock allows for customisation.
    3. Various decoration techniques available.


    Express Branded Bulk Gifts

    Here at Cubic Promote, we understand how

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  6. Burger King Custom Printed Face Masks

    Conversation is one way that COVID-19 (and indeed other infections) can be spread. This is why so many of us right now are having our discussions through the phone or online chat. But what if you want to go into your local fast food restaurant and grab something to eat? Burger King has come up with a novel solution that allows customers to place their order without having to say a word OR use an app -- custom branded face masks!

    Protective Promotional Gifts

    Lucky burger fiends in Belgium and Luxembourg are being given a chance to win face masks printed with their preferred Burger King orders. All the participants need to do is simply comment on Facebook or Instagram

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  7. Why Buy Custom Branded Socks

    Custom branded socks have been a popular choice for Aussies looking to promote their brands and events for the past couple of years, but even during our difficult lockdown periods this year we've seen a consistent interest in promotional socks as marketing items as well as corporate gifts. What makes socks so popular and why should you consider them for your next campaign? Let us guide you!

    Choosing Socks as Promotional Products

    Socks are an affordable item of clothing that can be fully customised in design, which makes them ideal promotional gifts. If you have illustrations you want to be represented, or

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  8. Top Personalised Gifts to Use as Party Favours

    We get a lot of people interested in buying bulk promotional gifts to use as party favours for weddings, birthdays, community celebrations, and graduations. However, in a market that is saturated by choice, it can be difficult to select the right product for your event. That's why we've put together a list of our most popular items purchased as party favours, check it out below!

    Why Use Promo Gifts as Party Favours?

    Promotional products as party favours offer an opportunity to thank your guests for attending the event and mark their special moments, creating lasting impressions that will be fondly remembered by your guests after they have left. Aside from providing fun mementos of

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  9. Relaxing Promotional Products

    To say 2020 has been a stressful year is the understatement of the century. Aussies have had to deal with bushfires and a pandemic, so it goes without saying that most of us are feeling some escalation in our stress levels. If your staff or clients are struggling too, perhaps relaxing promotional gifts are what you need right now.

    Why Chill Out Products Make Great Gifts

    A lot of the branded gifts on the market right now are items designed for use at work, so any product that puts

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  10. Promotional Fragrance for Classic Aussie Beer

    Logo branded perfumes and aftershaves aren't an uncommon way for classic brands to get additional attention. Look, for example, at the promotional Xbox Fragrance from a few years back. This time it is a local brand taking the plunge and hoping to make a custom scent work for them; Victoria Bitter AKA VB Beer. Can custom aromatic gifts really help a beer brand reach new heights?

    Logo Branded Novelty Gifts

    Australians started brewing Victoria Bitter in 1854 and now in 2020, it is one of the most consistently popular beers in the country. Thanks to marketing campaigns over the years that have focused on VB as a "working Aussie's drink" it is now heavily associated as being a readily available beer at most pubs, clubs, and bottle-o's across the country.

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