The biggest night in Hollywood, yesterday saw the 2020 Oscars staged with some predictable wins and a few surprises. Perhaps the most surprising thing of all (well, outside of Parasite's amazing Best Picture win!) was the content of the unofficial swag bag given out to Academy Award attendees and packed full of the latest promotional gifts.

promotional oscar swag bag 2020

Brand Recognition Using Custom Swag

Worth around $300,00 AUD the 2020 Oscars Swag Bag is one of the most expensive custom goodie packs we're likely to see all year. Like a lot of these promotional gift bags, the Oscars one boasts a variety of outrageous A-lister swag alongside some fairly humble (and easy-to-replicate) standard marketing merchandise. Companies that have their items featured in the Oscars bags actually pay almost $10,000 AUD for the privilege and it can result in long-term contracts with celebrities who find their next go-to item through the bags. Ready to learn more?

promotional oscars bath bomb promotional oscars car freshener

Regular Promotional Products

These are custom items that are classy while still being fairly normal and accessible. If you have an upcoming marketing campaign, these are products you can actually get branded from Cubic Promote to add to your own event bags.

Those seem like nice items we'd all like to receive in a tradeshow or expo bag, right? Especially if they have some decorative branding that makes them look unique. However, as the Oscars is also a zany celebrity event there are also some seriously eye-watering gifts that only celebs would be given!

promotional hammock oscars promotional antarctica cruise

Weird Rich People Swag Items

  • Nearly $100,000 luxury Antarctic cruise
  • Viral garden hammock
  • Urine analysis kit
  • Gold accented vape pen
  • Handmade luxury false eyelashes
  • A life coach phone call

These goodies are less easy to replicate in your standard gift bag, but that's probably for the best. The Oscars gift bags contain such high-value items that celebs often give them away to charity as these weird expensive gifts cost them a lot to keep when tax time comes rolling by! What's your favourite Academy Award gift bag item this year? Cubic Promote can't help with golden vape pens, but our sales team definitely knows how to assist with promotional products for standard events. Contact our friendly Sydney office for more information and pricing.


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