5 Tips to Select Promotional Items for Teenagers

It should not come as a surprise if businesses these days are spending much money on marketing and advertising campaigns which target teenagers. Although they are essentially kids, you cannot discount the fact they are quick in asserting their individuality and would no longer welcome any choices made by their parents. For such reason, you need to make sure you come up with unique promotional items for teenagers if you want to enjoy market share.

Of course, that is easier said than done considering their tastes can vary immensely. To be on the safe side, you should take note of the following suggestions:





If you sit down with a teenager, you would quickly learn one important thing --- they are all about what is “in” now. You can certainly expect a teenager to like whatever is the latest from music to gadget. You need to keep this in mind when choosing a promotional product to hand out. For instance, mobile accessories are all the rage these days and you can hand out items such as Branded Phone Strap, Printed Stylus and Customised Mobile Holders.


Since the market is teenagers, you should definitely think of something fun to hand out. You can always check out promotional toys such as Printed Yoyos and Frisbees or something for indoor fun such as Puzzles and Playing Cards. In any case, the objective is for them to have as much as fun as possible with your business name enjoying much exposure.


For obvious reasons, colourful promotional merchandise is perfect for teenagers as they will look fresh and youthful. When choosing a color, think of the service or product your business is offering and make sure the color will complement it. For example, you might go with Red for services or products which you would like them to get excited about. On the other hand, a more toned down color of pink or orange if you are targeting girls and blue or green for boys.


No teenager these days would like to be called “uncool” so you better make sure your promotional items for teenagers are cute and hip. One such idea is Promotional Tattoo Sleeve which will surely be a hit among teenagers as they are not permanent but looks like the real thing. There is also the Promotional Underwater Cameras which are perfect especially when school is out and everyone is heading to the beach for the summer. There are plenty of products to choose from and even you will have lots of fun making a choice.


Although you might think teenagers these days are easy-go-lucky, a lot of them will still appreciate items which lend comfort and convenience to them. One good promotional product would be a printed USB Flash Drive which can be sued to store their reports, photos and even music. Another would be customised headphones, which will surely be appreciated by music lovers who carry with them MP3 players all day long.