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It's almost winter time! That means several things to me! Firstly it means its Ski Season time. Secondly it means it will get real cold and thirdly most of us are going to get the flu at one point in time.

From what I have read seemingly the most common causes of flu is actually not by cold temperature itself but actually from germs and bacteria. Germs are most commonly spread through hands and in particular when they come into contact with any part of your face. Germs can easily be spread when they come into contact with your ears, eyes and mouth. Simply rubbing your eyes with an infected hand will really increase your chance of getting the flu. Therefore the most effective way of staying germ free this winter is to have clean hands!

With that in mind we have a range of promotional hand sanitizers which do exactly just that. Stop germs in its tracks. Our hand sanitizers come with a 99.9% germ killing power and are a really good idea this winter:

Anti Bacterial Custom Hand Sanitizers make for fantastic promotional items because simply they work! They also have a large branding area too which makes logo branding fantastic! Use them in conferences and tradeshows or even as a fund raiser product. They also make for fantastic complementary products for any event related to:

- Health & Well Being
- Baby & Children
- Elderly care
- Occupation Health & Safety

We have hand sanitizers that come in a variety of different packaging options such as:

30ml Bottles
60ml Promotional sanitizer Bottles
Moist Towel Satchets
Moist Towel Cannisters
Anti Bacteria Tubes & Sprays

Check them out at our promotional item bodycare section.