We're hurtling towards a sci-fi future at breakneck speed and one Scandinavian streetwear label has embraced cutting edge tech in their latest promotional t-shirt. Carlings has created a simple white t-shirt with a small logo brand on the front that utilises augmented reality to give you 100's of designs to choose from when taking photos of the shirt. This is customised branding for the digital age and is already proving a hit with Instagram influencers the world over.

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So How Does a Promotional AR T-Shirt Work?

Known as "The Last Statement T-Shirt" Carlings' revolutionary design is deceptively simple; a white, unisex tee with a small "ATF" logo design printed on the front. However, when you focus on that logo through a custom version of the Instagram/Facebook filter page you can turn a relatively plain white shirt into something amazing. Using the filter gives you access to hundreds of different, colourful logo designs digitally. You select the colourful logo or slogan you like and snap a photo. Now, your plain white shirt has come to life online with a vibrant message you've picked!

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Not a Replacement for Traditional Print

Although these augmented t-shirts are innovative (and made for charitable purposes -- how awesome is that?) they can only display these colourful designs as part of an edited photo. While walking around throughout the day the shirt will appear white with a small ATF logo to everyone you pass by. It's a bit of a shame that you can't see the AR decoration outside of the online filter, but it does highlight the work that still needs to come before AR branding can overtake traditional print decoration.

For now, anyway, the humble screen printed t-shirt remains king! While we're waiting for virtual decoration to catch up, embrace the boldness of physical print by adding colourful designs directly to t-shirts for your event or business through Cubic Promote. Ask our experienced sales team for more information on bulk product branding and the use of digital innovation alongside your physically printed products.


Details first spotted here: https://carlings.com/en/atf/campaign-page/