I love music, but sadly, I have zero talent for making it. I can, however, make noise, though. The best instrument to make noise that resembles some tune in my experience is the Harmonica. This is why I think promotional items like harmonicas should be handed out in schools, for people who are just like me.

Navy Blue Harmonica

National Instrument Day

Yesterday on the 22nd of May, an exciting and obscure day passed us by. IT was the National Buy a Musical Instrument Day in America. Such a day, though it would be relevant in any country, including Australia.

So what happens on this day? Well, as the name suggests, you buy a musical instrument. That's it! Also, share your purchase on social media.

Know that instruments are simply a means to an end. So merely buying them won't mean much if you do not use them, which is why I recommend purchasing promotional harmonicas.

Why Buy Harmonicas?

Harmonicas are a type of free-reed wind instrument that use either metal or wooden reeds to produce sound. They come in many different shapes and sizes, with the most common being small tubes containing multiple chambers each with a single reed. Harmonicas are played by blowing air into one chamber at a time along the length of the harmonica tube and controlling pitch by opening and closing holes on it which allow more air flow through different notes.


The harmonica is used in many styles of music across both popular genres such as blues, jazz, rock and country as well as other types like folk Chinese/Asian traditional music, South American/Latin music and so on. It also finds its way into some classical compositions due to its unique sonic qualities that add emotionality to orchestrations or just tie together strings harmonies better.


Harmonicas can be found everywhere from living room jams among friends to sold out venues where the best hands show off their skills while they fill our hearts with beauty both sweetly melancholy or joyously upbeat! Harmonicas is possibly the cheapest type of instrument that you may purchase. The other inexpensive instrument would be drum sticks. (read not drum kit).


The other reason I like Harmonicas? To create something that resembles a tune is very easy compared to other instruments. I have tinkered around with Pianos and of course the school favourite, Music Recorders. The most accessible instrument by far from my experience is blowing into a Harmonica. A Harmonica also has a very likable tune, much like a ukelele

So, if you need a fun little low-cost promotional item, why not consider a custom-branded harmonica! Adults and children will love these nifty small-tune makers.

Harmonica Trivia

Stive Wonder is possibly the most popular Harmonica player of all time. The harmonica is physically a small rectangular shaped free reed wind instrument. It has been around since the early 19th century. Personally I love its distinctive sound and wide range of tones. The instrument is very versatile. Some of the genres of music it has played a part in, include folk and blues to rock and jazz.

Our harmonicas is the diatonic 10-hole model which uses button combinations to produce different notes. Advanced Chromatic harmonicas have 12 or 14 holes with sliders used to change keys without having to switch instruments as you go along.