I love looking over my shoulder to see what folks in the USA have done in the promotional merchandise space. Australia traditionally has followed trends from the USA when it comes to custom branded merchandise. Some of the best merchandise I have seen have come from sporting ones, such as the US Golf Open Championship.


The US Open Golf Championship is an exciting event, and promotional products from the tournament will be a great way to commemorate it. Products can range from T-shirts with one of the many golfers on them, or even golf equipment or accessories like ball markers and tees.


You could also give out items that represent specific tags associated with the championship such as umbrellas featuring one of the players logo designs. With so many different options available, you are sure to find something special for everyone who attended this extraordinary event. Additionally, personalized products would serve as constant reminders of what a great experience they had while being part of The Open's history.

Trends from Golf Event

Stylish garments and hybrid types of clothing always come from the USA. In most instances, they hit the mark. Take this sweater, for example. It looks and feels like a standard custom branded sweater, but add a Zip, and a high shawl collar, and you get something quite spectacular.

shawl sweater july 2019

Natural Wood look Cases

What makes regular things look classy? The US PGA knows I know, and now you know too. The answer is, wood combined with laser engraving. These personalised phone cases feature wood grain textures and a laser engraved graphic onto the surface.

phone case july 2019

Stripes on Shirts

Another way to add instant class to a garment is to add strips. These promotional polo shirts with stripes across the body and chest is a perfect example. Lines make things distinctive and keep things interesting.

polo shirts july 2019

Poker Dots on Clothing

With better branding techniques, it means companies like ours can create custom branded hats and shirts with more custom branding coverage. The USPGA created this merchandise, with a cap and shirt that feature graphics that cover the surface of the garment. Looks pretty good right?

caps july2019

Pastel Colour Tees

Black and white colours have always been considered neutral tones. This means they are safe options that enable the item to be used in a variety of settings. There is a 3rd option when you need something neutral, though. The 3rd option is pastel colours. Softer pastel colour tee shirts generally have a broad appeal and is a good option, when black and white may be a little too plain for your liking.