I'll tell you a bit of an industry secret. The most effective promotional item available is not the ever popular promotional pen, nor mousepads, but is microfibre cloths. These pieces of fabric, have been proven to be the most effective way to reach your guests through custom branding. With microfibre cloths, you do need to keep them clean though. I'll tell you why below.

Why You Need to Clean Microfibre Cloths

You need to clean micro-fibre cloths, as they can accumulate dirt and bacteria. The effectiveness of the fabric in cleaning declines as a result.

For health and hygiene reasons, it is not a good idea to be wiping germs and grit on to lens and LCD surfaces. If dirty enough, the grit on the cloth can even scratch surfaces off monitors, LCD screens and lenses.

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How To Clean Microfibre cloths?

To clean microfibre cloth, it is straightforward. Soap and water are all you need. Damp the cloth, and lather with a bar of soap. Rinse thoroughly, and you are done.

Microfibre cloths are very easy to dry, due to their nature. Hang them up, in direct or indirect sunlight, and they will dry within minutes after wringing.

Another easy way to clean microfibre cloths is to put them into a washing machine and wash them like any other garment.

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How Often to Clean

The visual test is best. If you see physical grime, then clean the fabric. If you notice any odours, then definitely clean the material.

See the full range of custom printed promotional microfibre cloths from our range today. Microfibre cloths may be imprinted with vibrant graphics and details. With the proliferation of digital devices with screens, they have been proven to be extremely popular and an absolute hit with guests. You can almost be guaranteed that a micro fibre cloth will never be disposed of, hence giving you amazing branding opportunities for your logo.