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  1. How Stress Balls Can Impact Your Brain

    How Stress Balls Can Impact Your Brain

    Stress is something we all experience in our lives, and finding effective ways to cope with it is crucial for our overall well-being. In recent years, stress balls have become popular tools for stress relief. But have you ever wondered how they actually work and what impact they have on our brains? 

    In this blog post, we will dive deep into the psychology of stress relief and explore the incredible ways stress balls can impact your brain. So, if you're curious about the science behind stress relief and want to discover how stress balls can make a difference in your life, keep reading!

    How Stress Balls Help Stress

    When you grip a stress ball and squeeze it, you may think its purpose is solely to provide a physical

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  2. Apple-Inspired iPhone Customisations

    The tech giant has done it again, announcing a new lineup of iPhones that have us all on the edge of our seats. As with any new Apple release, luxury brands are quick to jump on the bandwagon, offering customisations that go above and beyond your average add-ons. Today, we're going to explore some of these jaw-dropping designs that'll make you say "Crikey!" And for some, the prices might just be downright insane.


    1. Learn from Apple's marketing campaigns.
    2. Focus on benefits, not features.
    3. Prioritize simplicity and consistency when customising.


    iPhone XS with Branded Cases

    While you and I might be satisfied with a stylish personalised power bank for our smartphones, the wealthy have a few other options available.

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  3. Amazing Embroidered Shirt Examples

    I think we can all agree that looking stylish and professional is important when it comes to business and day-to-day wear. That's part of why we take such pride in our promotional business shirts and similar attire. But sometimes you just want to have a personal touch to your business shirts, which is where Hiroko Kubota's customised embroidery comes in!


    • Kubota's custom embroidery personalizes shirts.
    • Embroidery benefits ideal for t-shirt customization.
    • Unique, economical option for promotional or personal use.


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  4. Why Does My Water Taste Weird?

    Ever noticed that a glass of water tastes a little, ermm, different after it's been left out overnight? Fortunately there's a scientific explanation for this flavour phenomenon, so you can rest easy with out suspecting spiders, gremlins  or other such terrors of the night tampering with your bedside quality water glass.


    • Overnight water absorbs CO2, altering taste.
    • Bottled water's "expiration" due to plastic leeching.
    • Water essential for health and well-being.

    Discovery News have come forward with an explanation. Apparently, as water interacts with the air around it, it absorbs little amounts of carbon dioxide and forms teeny-tiny portions of carbonic acid. Lowering the liquid's

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  5. The Return of Promotional Stickers

    A group of bright kitty cat mutant stickers

    If you're old enough to be a kid of the 1980's or 1990's you likely remember the trend of collectable stickers that kids, youths, and teens collected, swapped, and shared. Like many older trends, it went out of fashion and devolved into being a bit cringe at the start of the new century. Still, just like bold patterns and chunky earrings, promotional stickers are back in style and, frankly, more popular than ever.

    Let me channel my inner Mabel & talk to you about STICKERS!

    What makes stickers such a popular choice in the modern era? Based on our customers' experiences, promotional stickers offer people a way to customise their everyday

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  6. Why Australians Love Custom Neon LED Signs

    Neon LED signage on a cafe wall

    If you're old enough, you likely remember when every shop front in Australia boasted a hand-blown glass neon sign to advertise its wares. Whether you went to the local barber or your favourite cafe, there was a traditional neon light to greet you out the front. While this style fell out of favour in the early 90s, in the 2020s, neon signs are all the rage again. Only modern promotional light-up signs are made using more efficient and intelligent technology, making now the perfect time to embrace the gorgeous retro aesthetic that custom neon LED signs have to offer.

    What Makes Promotional Neon LED Signage Unique?

    Neon LED signs light up, meaning people can view them clearly in the dark, unlike traditional printed signage, which offers

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  7. Promotional Swag From Chili's

    chilis logo teen new range

    Chili's is one of the best-known casual dining restaurant chains in the USA and once upon a time there were restaurants here in Australia (though they closed over a decade ago). Despite their popularity in the US, it has taken a while for the brand to jump on board the branded merchandise train but with the opening of their new merch-only website, it looks like Chili's promotional swag is here to stay.

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  8. Thank You for Your Support!

    food bank logo for blog

    Thanks to the support of our customers over summer in the form of product inquiries, our accounts team has been able to donate $1,800 directly to Foodbank Australia! The team over at Foodbank were kind enough to let us know that this enables them to produce 3,600 meals for those who need them.

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  9. Cheap Lanyards on Sale!

    Cheap Lanyards on Sale!

    Australians are starting to return to something along the lines of "normal". Whether that means juggling heading to the office with some WFH days, or starting up conferences and expos again, businesses are becoming outwardly active again for the first time in a while. Here at Cubic Promote we thought a good idea would be to offer a special discount on one of the absolute essentials for a successful trade show or busy corporate office alike, the promotional lanyard!

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  10. Top New Custom Gift Ideas

    Struggling to figure out what promotional products to use in your next marketing campaign or corporate gifting program? Don't worry, Cubic Promote has some great new goodies that might well be what you're after. Learn more about these unique gift ideas below.


    1. New custom gift ideas for marketing.
    2. Trendy promos make an impact.
    3. Innovative uses of promo products.


    New Corporate Gift Ideas 

    Custom Metal Coffee Cups With Handles

    Some of our most popular promotional cups over the past couple of years have been our Branded

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