I've got souvenirs from previous workplaces. Do you? Other than memories (hopefully good memories, not bad memories), leaving an office or a workplace is a big deal. There are a lot of emotions involved. As we all know, work extends into all aspects of our lives. So if someone is leaving a company or a business, it makes sense to give them a farewell gift to remember the company by. Here are some excellent farewell gift ideas.

A Pen

You say boring. I say traditional. Few products signal significance and longevity than a pen. Electronics do not age well. An item such as a premium pen can last forever. Go for pens that have easily replaceable refills to increase longevity, such as the ones from Parker Pens, and have them engraved with your custom logo, name or message.

promotional parker pens

A Tee Shirt

This is a strange one, but I thought I include it in this list because my office was once in WeWork. Now that I am no longer in WeWork, what do I have to remember them by after I bid them farewell? You guessed it, a custom black tee-shirt with the words "WeWork emblazoned across it.

A Set of Glassware

Glassware, coffee cups also make for a good idea. Drinkware items, packaged well, can look very extravagant and well worth looking at.

personalised glassware

A Nice Keyrings

A personalised keyring is a good idea. Realistically it is unlikely the keyring will be used. Still, if anyone is old enough to remember souvenir spoons, you may know that keyrings are fantastic as gifts to remember an event. Definitely consider a premium metal keyring as a farewell gift.

Let's face it; if you are in an organisation or a company, people will begin and leave their roles. Having a set of classy farewell gifts on hand makes perfect sense.