We've discussed the Starbucks coffee chain trying their hand at different kinds of promotional merchandise, but one area they really have made their own is the realm of disposable coffee cups. Each year, Starbucks releases new disposable cup designs just in time for the Christmas holiday season in the US. This year is no different, save for the fact that they've also included a limited edition reusable Starbucks cup in the promotion too!

promotional xmas reusable cups starbucks

Promotional Coffee Cups for Christmas

These days you'll find that disposable cups are well and truly on their way out and branded reusable cups are the new norm. Starbucks, clearly noticing the writing on the wall, have opted this year to include a special reusable cup in their range of seasonal holiday drink holders. While next year I'm sure coffee drinkers would love to see more design options, the "Mery Coffee" design in red/green/white is already proving a huge hit among US consumers with stocks already running low in some stores.

merry coffee logo printed cups reusable  logo decorated cups starbucks xmas 19

Why Is This So Important?

Disposable cups make up a huge amount of the landfill that gets disposed of daily in big US cities. The fact that Starbucks is not only embracing reusable options, but incorporating into one of its largest promotional campaigns of the year undoubtedly bodes well for the future of logo printed reusable cups at the company. Starbucks has been a little slower on the uptake with this method of promotion however, as here at Cubic our reusable cups have been best-sellers for years!

What do you think? Is the limited edition reusable cup a welcome change to the seasonal Starbucks coffee cups? Let us know on social media!


Details spotted here: https://twitter.com/Starbucks/status/1192048986321850368