A key factor that aids in deciding whether a business succeeds or fails is whether or not it has brand recognition. The greatest success stories around include household names like McDonald's, Hoover, Kleenex, and Tesla. But how does a small business start getting that level of recognition? Here at Cubic Promote we humbly suggest promotional products as a smart way to help boost your brand's image.

brand recognition bean

Getting Your Brand Noticed

Promotional products make great icebreakers when you first meet potential clients at events, or when they enter your business. If you hand them a gift featuring your logo (such as a cotton calico shopping bag or a personalised pen) not only does it put your logo right in their grasp, it also allows you to begin a conversation about what your brand can do for them. It's those first initial moments that help shape impressions and if you use a nice custom gift, you'll be sure to make the most of your first meeting with your target customer. Branded gifts can be used similarly within your own industry by presenting them to associates at conferences or corporate events, either way, you're bound to get noticed!

Choose Your Products Wisely

It is important that you select your promotional gifts to reflect your brand, but they must also functional for the recipient.  If you hand out branded beach towels during the winter months, for example, you'll be wasting an opportunity. Better to give people logo decorated beanies while it's cold instead! In a similar vein, if your brand is eco-conscious you don't want to be giving out cheap plastic items that may minimise the impact of your socially conscious activities. Instead, opt for a thoughtful eco-friendly custom gift with your logo on it. If you're struggling to pick a product that's appropriate to what you do and the message you want to send, then please speak to the Cubic Promote team for tailored ideas & suggestions!

Take the Promotional Item Plunge!

Finally, be sure to start the ball rolling with your promotional gift campaign right away. The sooner you take the plunge into branded merchandise the sooner you can start seeing noticeable results in your overall brand and campaign recognition. Promotional items can be used as part of a broader marketing initiative or you can do them on the fly as a means to get noticed at an urgent event. Promotional items get your brand associated with positive thoughts (who doesn't like a free gift?) while also showcasing your logo and slogan for all to see.

Get in touch with the Cubic Promote team for more information on maximising your brand through promotional items.