Are you recently (or, in the case of Sydney-siders, less recently) stuck in lockdown and struggling to think of promotional products to give your team members while they work from home? We're here to tell you that nothing beats fitness essentials for promoting healthy activity during lockdown!

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Home Gym Promotional Gift Ideas

When outdoor activities are restricted and you can't spend time in your normal gym classes, receiving an athletic gift with company branding can be truly uplifting. If you have team members or clients that you know are struggling at home, give them a boost with a customised gift that will help them maintain their health during this difficult time. But what kind of gifts work for those stuck at home? Here are some of our current best-sellers that are perfect for using to send out to customers and staff alike.

Or, if you're keen on providing whole gift packs as corporate rewards you can't go past these top picks!

All of the individual products and gift packs we sell come with custom decoration featuring your logo or slogan. So what are you waiting for? Don't let your team feel left out or run down, get in touch with the Cubic Promote customer service experts today. We can help you pick the right product for your campaign, provide logo mockups free of charge, and even provide samples for you to check out. Let's get through lockdown 2021 together with our health and fitness intact!