Marshmallow slam dunk! 8 year old genius Max, from Massachusetts, has taken the concept of fun meals to a whole other level. With 'The Mug with a Hoop' anyone can enjoy slamming down those marshmallows into a nice hot ‘choky’, or even throwing your croutons  in your soup Michael Jordan style.  Whatever your preference may be, this oversized basketball-shaped mug with a mini basketball net will be the end to dull boring meals.

[caption id="attachment_5465" align="alignnone" width="306"]Mug with a Basketball Hoop- Marshmallows Mug with a Basketball Hoop- Marshmallows[/caption]

Many of us find our starts of the day monotonous and somewhat plain. Consider the following scenario and see if sounds at all familiar: Waking up from your slumber, you direct yourself to the kitchen in a zombie-like fashion. You have one eye closed and the other one half-opened, and your feet are dragging like two jail balls. You open the pantry and you grab a bowl and the box of NutriGrain, and like second-nature, pour the milk and the cereal; and just like that breakfast is served. It is indeed a pretty depressing start to, what you wanted to be,  a beautiful day. Well your solution is right here, in the Mug with a Hoop. It will break the tedium of your days by bringing an early smile on your face from the moment you score a piece of cereal through the mini hoop.

[caption id="attachment_5466" align="alignnone" width="305"]Mug with a Basketball Hoop- Cereal Mug with a Basketball Hoop- Cereal[/caption]

Say bye to the typically tedious Monday mornings and, pardon the pun, ‘score’ yourself some happiness with the Mug with a Hoop. Because who said ‘playing with your food’ was rude?

Images and Mug first seen on website