2021 has seen pressure on delivery services increase to more than four times what it was last year. In fact, those ordering items within their own city may have noticed postal services slowing down more than ever before over the last six weeks. Cubic Promote utilises experienced local courier services to deliver promotional merchandise, which has ensured customers enjoy extensive tracking options & faster delivery speeds when compared with the regular post. However, in the lead up to Christmas we are suggesting our customers get in as early as they can to get the products delivered in time for distribution before the holidays.

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What Does This Mean for Cubic Promote Customers?

It's business as usual here at Cubic Promote, we try to have a lot of accessible local stock throughout the year and even more so in the lead up to Christmas. This means that unless you are specifically ordering a custom made item from overseas, we can decorate and deliver your order completely within Australia -- saving time and ensuring a quality finish for decoration. Combine that with our use of courier services for direct delivery to clients and we are hoping to shield our Aussie customers from as much of this global delivery slow down as possible!

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What Do We Recommend for Clients?

To maximise the chances of you getting the exact promotional products you want, in the quantities you need, delivered for your deadlines, the experienced team at Cubic Promote recommends the following.

  • Consider ordering earlier than usual. By ordering before the November rush, you'll be more likely to get what you need at a fast speed. The closer we get to Christmas, the less predictable traffic and global systems become -- so the sooner you order, the better.
  • Ask our team for product recommendations. The friendly Cubic Promote customer care team knows which products we have stocked right here in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. If you ask them for locally stocked product ideas rather than anything coming from overseas, you can minimise the chances of any global delivery delays impacting your items.

The Cubic staff have been preparing for a busy return-to-work and Christmas holiday period for several months already, so we are confident we can meet all client expectations over the final quarter of the year. However, if you can be mindful of these international issues outside of our hands and consider getting your seasonal orders in a bit earlier this year, it will assist us to continue providing you with the best service and products possible.