Like many food delivery services, Pizza Hut has long been working on improving their delivery pouch. I think we've all had the odd food delivery that was more lukewarm than toasty hot, which is why Pizza Hut has been focusing a lot of energy on developing a pouch that works hard to retain heat. Now they're launching a delivery pouch boasting advanced insulation, and they've made a human-sized version in the shape of a super insulated promotional parka!

Pizza Hut Promotional Branded Jackets Parka Model

Parkas With Custom Colorways and Printing

Pizza Hut's eye-catching workman-style jacket (a favourite fashion item in 2017) makes for an eye-catching promotional item because it's made from the same material as the new heavily insulated pizza delivery pouches the chain have just introduced for deliveries. Boasting the same unique colourways and easily identifiable branding to tie into the pouch launch, the true appeal of these jackets lies within.

Pizza Hut Promotional Branded Jackets Design Pizza Hut Promotional Branded Jackets Features

These "Pizza Parkas" are manufactured from the same triple layer insulation material as the pouches now being used to keep delivery pizzas warm. This insulation is made of some serious polyesters, including a blend normally found in ski jackets which means the logo decorated Pizza Parkas are perfect for the ice-cold chill of the upcoming US winter. The interior also includes a pocket the ideal shape for a pizza slice, and on the outside, there's a clear pocket for smartphones (ostensibly so you can order pizza without having to lose too much heat!

Pizza Hut Promotional Branded Jackets Box Pizza Hut Promotional Branded Jackets Open Parka

Those in the US ordering pizza or tweeting directly to Pizza Hut with a fire + pizza emoji combination enter the draw to win these super warm looking custom jackets. Here in Australia it doesn't really get cold enough to wear something so toasty, but we'd be lying if we said we wouldn't love to give this cool piece of promo clothing a spin!

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