T-shirts featuring custom branding are some of our most popular promotional products and it's not hard to see why. You can add a big, bold message to a t-shirt and your recipients will broadcast your logo or slogan to the world every time they wear their tee. But one area t-shirts are often under-utilised in is charitable awareness and fund-raising. Today our case study is a charity t-shirt that doesn't just raise awareness, but money too!

hunger tshirts for charity promotions

Promotional Clothing That Has an Impact

Australia's own Decjuba fashion brand, owned by Tania Austin, has been releasing a special limited-edition t-shirt on an annual basis since 2017. The promotional shirts carry a simple design, the name of the charitable collaborator on the campaign, The Hunger Project. As the name would imply, The Hunger Project is actively working towards ending world hunger in the next decade and the collaborative shirt with Decjuba is one of many ways in which the project raises money.

promotional logo hunger project tees

So why is this simple tee (available in black or white) worth talking about? Because this t-shirt campaign is extremely effective! The fashionable, high-quality tees are cost-effective to produce which allows Decjuba to forward 100% of proceeds from their sale to The Hunger Project. People want to do good and feel good about their contribution to charitable causes, which is why every year these items of promotional clothing sell out.

If you want to do more for your local community then why not consider producing your own range of promotional t-shirts with simple, to-the-point branding that consumers will be keen to purchase. Branded clothing is a great way to raise awareness in addition to raising much-needed funding for important causes. Contact our friendly sales team to learn more about the process of branding bulk t-shirts today.


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