It is no secret that reaching the audience that you would like with your advertising is getting harder and harder. The amount of innovation, effort and the sheer amount of saturation in advertising for a product or service has been increasing and it has gone to a point where if your advertising is not smart, witty or emotive then your message gets lost in a sea of other advertising.

Increasingly many advertising agencies are turning to ambient advertising. This means that instead of merely stating a product or a service via a photo along with some text, these advertisements take things one step further and integrate physical objects and the visual space directly around them into the message. The result? Some truly amazing smart advertisements that draw attention to them in a way that ordinarily would not. Here are some of the best examples of this type of advertising that we have seen.

IBM campaign which includes the caption "smart ideas for smart cities,"

outdoor advertisement 2014h outdoor advertisement 2014i outdoor advertisement 2014g

Bieglow Organic Tea

outdoor advertisement 2014j outdoor advertisement 2014k

An advertisement billboard by highlighting the dangers of pollution.

outdoor advertisement 2014f

Windex Glass Cleaners

outdoor advertisement 2014l

Frontline Flea spray for dogs (in case you missed it the small dots that look like fleas are simply pedestrians inside a mall)

outdoor advertisement 2014

Punching Bags for an Anti-Smoking Campaign

outdoor advertisement 2014b

In most of these instances of these brilliant advertisements a physical promotional product was created and used within the space to create an amusing second message and an amusing scene that captures and draws attention to the product or service. These are some brilliant examples of advertisements that use ambient backgrounds. Have you seen any lately that you would like to share? Please let us know via, Twitter | Facebook | Google +. We would love to hear from you.