It's National Ride2Work Day, and that means it's time to dust off your bike and get moving! The benefits of riding to work include physical exercise (we don't do enough of it as a society) and reducing your carbon footprint (bike riding = zero emissions!) as well as the joys of just getting out in the open and enjoying your environment. So in celebration, we thought we'd recommend some of our most popular promotional products for bike riders Australia wide!


  1. Promote your brand through cycling.
  2. Custom biking jerseys for corporate teams.
  3. Choose relevant promotional bike accessories.


promotional items for ride2work day

Branded Product Ideas for Australian Cyclists

One key area of focus for bike riders is the need to be seen and safe on the roads out there. When you're dealing with cars and trucks around you, it's important not to take risks with your well-being. A promotional product that's popular with our cyclist clients is our Custom Mini Bicycle Lights. You attach these handy little lights to your bicycle, switch them on, and they flash to alert other vehicles to your presence. A cheap, high-quality product that's essential for any rider on the road these days.

promotional bike lights

If you park your bike outside while you're in the office, this next product suggestion is perfect for you. A Promotional Bicycle Seat Cover that we personalise with your design! People frequently buy these bulk covers to ensure their expensive and comfy bike seats don't get split and faded by sunlight or drenched with rain in the wet weather. These covers are another wonderful budget item that's perfect for Ride2Work participants!

bicycle seat cover branded

But what do you do if you have a larger budget, or perhaps you or your staff don't have a bicycle? Simple, you invest in Promotional Bicycles with your Business Branding on them! These are actual retail quality bikes assembled and decorated just for you. Nothing advertises your brand better in the urban environment, and best of all, your employees and customers can make use of it as an everyday means of transportation.

promotional bikes with your branding

Here are a few great options for keen cyclists, but we also have a great range of other items that may be useful too such as drink bottles and sunscreen. The most important thing you can do to when it comes to cycling to work is get moving! So what are you waiting for? Grab your bike and give it a go!

Corporate Cycling Team Custom Jerseys

If your business has a cycling team, providing custom promotional biking jerseys can be a great way to promote your brand, while incorporating your employees' passion for cycling. Here are four custom promotional biking jerseys that your team will love:

  • Tech jersey with full custom sublimation - designed to wick moisture and provide maximum breathability.
  • Pro jersey with performance sleeves - promotes airflow and provides additional sun protection while being comfortable to wear.
  • Windproof thermal L/S jersey - ideal for cold weather cycling, with a fleece-lined fabric that is warm and soft to the touch.
  • Custom cycling jerseys - an all-purpose jersey that is not too snug, providing a classic and comfortable fit for everyday cycling.

Promotional Bicycle Accessories

An important factor to consider when choosing promotional items is their relevance and usefulness to your customers and employees. Here are some promotional bicycle accessories that you can choose from:

  • Customised mini bicycle lights - increase visibility and improve the safety of your customers and employees.
  • Promotional bicycle seat covers - designed to protect your customers' or employees' bike seats from sun and rain damage.
  • Promotional sunscreens - protect your customers and employees from harmful effects of UV rays while biking.
  • Personalised drink bottles - keep your customers and employees hydrated during their cycling activity.


In summary, National Ride2Work Day in Australia is a great opportunity to promote your business while contributing to environmental sustainability and personal development of your employees. At Cubic Promote Australia, we provide custom promotional products, including cycling-related items, to help businesses promote their brands effectively. When choosing your cycling-related promotional items, ensure that they align with your brand's message and values, and are useful for your target audience.

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