Promotional Caps & Styles

Promotional Caps are possibly the promotional product where many of our clients do not pay much attention to. Afterall a cap is a cap and its best to just get the cheapest one right? True! if you are on a tight budget then there is no escaping the fact that you can quickly have one branded with your logo that actually looks quite okay when worn a few times. However why look okay when you can look fabulous and in the process make your team members feel like a million dollars! Also keep in mind that higher quality caps will look newer for longer too!

The thing with caps is that they are more visible than you may think compared with a lot of other promotional products. In a tradeshow or if worn as part of a uniform it is true that a promotional shirt will be seen from a distance. However if anyone was to engage with you and your team about your product or your service they will be looking at you and not your shirt. When they look at you they are essentially looking at your cap and if you tend to have conversations within 2 meters of each other this makes your cap extremely visible and in such proximity details begin to matter.

With caps there are many different finishes available as well as styles. Each style not only looks different but can give a whole different impression relating to things you may not have thought about like:

- Military Designs
- HipHop Designs
- American Baseball
- Trucker Caps
- Beach wear Caps
- Basketball Caps
- Tennis Caps
- Golf Caps

and more! The subtle changes in a caps construction as well as its colour and fabric will give a simple cap a totally different look that is anything but subtle to a person seeing it. Don't believe me? Well check out these designs:

Suede Peak Caps are definitely more corporate and luxurious. They are suited not just for everyday staff uniform wear but are good enough for golf days as well as for business executives.

suede peak cap

Budget caps are typically looser in construction and are excellent value for money. However they definitely are not as luxurious and you may want to think twice before handing them out to business executives.

starndared baseball cap

Trucker Caps have a mesh back and are very comfortable to wear as they breath very easily. They used to be the cap of choice as a fashion accessory for cool kids however they have morphed into a cap which is accepted and worn by all and is a great alternative to basic budget caps.

trucker cap bog

The Hip Hop Cap! How can you tell? Well its got an oversized forehead for one! It also has a peak visor that is not curved. Definitely 1 for the young or the young at heart.

hiphop cap

With promotional caps they are very very flexible when it comes to colours and trims. Literally everything can be customisable from:

- Custom Peak Colour and fabric
- Thread construction colour
- Cap Colour
- Round Cap Button Top Colour

To Decoration:
- Embroidery / Printing / Metal Badging / Embroidery Patching / 3d Embroidery / Full Colour sublimation and more!

thumb_screenhunter_01 jul. 09 09.17

Consider Wearer Comfort for your Next Promotional Cap

You may not realise but caps have different levels of comfort. It may not seem like an issue however if you were to wear a non breathing polyester cap which is tight around the forehead for 8 hours a day as part of your uniform your opinion may quickly change. With caps the comfort revolves around breathability as well as fit around your temple and forehead as well as the back. (the top does not matter as all caps now have ample room up the top for all but the pointiest of heads). Cotton tends to be the best at breathing although trucker caps with a mesh back is even better. Polyester is not as good at breathing but it does give a cap its shape and makes it look amazing. The best compromise is a cotton and polyester mix.

Customised caps have never been as cheap as they are now and the styles and colours available to you have never been as big. It is a category of products that we have seen nothing but growth in styles. Another good thing about caps is that unlike other headwear products like beanies they can be worn all year round! If its cold and dark they are still worn simply because they look good. The amount of places where promotional caps are worn need not be simply sporting events (althought they do suit sports perfectly... think V8 Super cars and I actually think caps before Holdens!) but are equally at home during fundraisers, part of a corporate uniform and in tradeshows and exhibitions. Check out our range of caps today and remember to call our friendly staff if you need help with anything.