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Promotional Chocolate for World Chocolate Day

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Every year on the 7th of July, it is World Chocolate day. Is there anyone on earth that does not like chocolate? Take the 7th of July as the perfect day and the ideal excuse to eat lots of chocolate. Did you know that there are even researchers out there who rekon chocolate is even better for you than vegetables?

Promotional Chocolates

At around this time of year, I always recommend chocolates as a fabulous option for tradeshows and conferences. This time of year is when I can safely assure my clients that their promotional chocolates will not melt. After all, it is still winter, and quite cold in all the states in Australia. The most popular type of promotional chocolate we sell is M&M's. I really love the Toblerones with custom branded packaging though.

What Types of Chocolate to Eat?

I love milk and white chocolate, although i have been told that eating white chocolate is pointless. But hey! It tastes so yum. On world chocolate day, eat any chocolate.

- Chocolate brownies
- Chocolate ice cream
- Chocolate bars
- M&M chocolate
- Chocolate cake

To celebrate the world chocolate day, eat lots of chocolate and share it on social media.

Trivia about Chocolate

Did you know that chocolate is a vegetable? After all, it comes from the cacao bean. So if it is a vegetable, you need to eat more of it.

White chocolate, is not chocolate, as it does not have any cocoa in it.

Chocolate was initially a drink. Later it was solidified and eaten in chunks and blocks as we know it today.

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