It's January which means that here in Australia things are really starting to heat up! Whether you're in a humid coastal region or a blisteringly dry town in the centre of the country, there can be no doubt that any little bit helps when it comes to keeping cool. This is why our range of Promotional Summer Cooling Towels are some of the most popular products in the new year; Aussie marketers see the value in keeping cool over summer.

promotional cooling towel in use

But how do these great value summer goodies work? Well, it all comes down to some very simple science...

Keeping Cool With Your Custom Fitness Towel

First of all, you need to unpackage your towel and then wet the cloth under your cold water tap. You can also soak it in ice water; the goal is to get even distribution over the towel. Once this is done you wring the towel out, removing the excess water. You can then wrap the promotional athletic towel around your neck, head, or wherever else you need to cool down. The goal is to help lower your core temperature, and if prepared properly, the towels provide a fantastic chilling effect thanks to the concept of evaporative cooling.

colourful custom sports towel

Evaporative Cooling and Branded Towels

If the moisture is spread evenly throughout your towel, you get a well-circulated cooling effect as the water is gradually slowly evaporated into the air. The key to executing this is the specially developed fabric which allows for even absorption and evaporation. There are no chemicals involved so this means your logo towel can be used again and again and again. Just hand-wash gently every so often to keep sweat-free!

Are you starting to see why Aussies love these towels? Best of all, Cubic Promote brands each cooling towel with your logo design so you can hand them out at your summer sporting events, business expos, or university functions. For January 2019 only we're also running a promotional special on these towels that gives you discounted delivery on bulk orders.