Motorsports teams have been some of the fastest on the uptake of the "new normal" with team members in the pits and cars already having to wear face masks while participating in races. It only makes sense for the teams (and the greater organisations) to start marketing customised masks to fans as well, which they have done in style. Today we're checking out promotional face masks featuring branding and slogans from some of the biggest motorsport teams in the world.


  1. Drive brand awareness with custom face masks.
  2. Reusable masks promote sustainability and style.
  3. Cubic Promote offers custom mask solutions.


mclaren logo branded masks

Face Masks as Custom Branded Gifts

While most of us would prefer not to have to cover half our faces when we leave our house, the 2020 reality is that face coverings are helpful in our fight against COVID-19. If we wear masks as we go about our regular (socially distanced) lives, it can have an impact on the transmission of Coronavirus (among other transmissible bugs & germs). Brands of all kinds have jumped on board with this essential trend by manufacturing their own logo-emblazoned face masks, but few industries have created cooler masks than the motorsports world. Rife with stylish, modern designs, fans of racing will undoubtedly look incredible when they don branded reusable masks from teams like McLaren, Renault, and Williams.

branded btcc mask printed renault mask

Reusable Masks: Excellent Marketing Merchandise

Right now, millions of people around the world should be wearing masks to help add an extra layer of protection during the COVID-19 outbreak. Medical-grade masks are reserved for use by those dealing directly with the pandemic as hospital or response team staff, which means that personal-use face masks are the best option for us regular folk.

While there is the risk of brands saturating the market with their own take on personal face masks, in the case of the motorsports industry each mask is unique-looking enough and offers team/manufacturer loyalty to buyers that it helps make them stand out in a crowd. If you're looking to produce promotional gifts for this winter/spring then consider taking a leaf from the motorsports book and offering customised face masks to staff, customers, and site visitors.

f1 face masks with branding

Face Masks: More Than Just Protection

Customised face masks offer numerous benefits for businesses and organisations. Here are several reasons why customised face masks make a great promotional product:

  • Protection and Style: Customised face masks not only protect individuals from germs and viruses, but they also provide a stylish and functional accessory that complements their wardrobe.
  • Brand Awareness: Customised face masks with a company logo can help boost brand awareness with every use.
  • Cost-Effective: Face masks can be a cost-effective way of promoting your business, and bulk orders can be purchased at a discounted price.
  • Versatility: Face masks can be used in various industries, including healthcare, service industries, and corporate events.

By offering customised face masks to staff, customers, and site visitors, you can provide a practical and cost-effective solution for your marketing needs.


In conclusion, customised face masks and reusable masks can provide a practical and cost-effective marketing solution while helping to protect individuals from the spread of germs and viruses. As a promotional product, customised face masks and reusable masks can increase brand awareness, promote sustainability, and provide a stylish and practical accessory for your staff, customers, and site visitors.


Here at Cubic Promote, we have a variety of disposable face masks along with reusable, logo-branded masks to help boost your brand's visibility. Masks are an important uniform addition for teams in hotspots or those that struggle with social distancing (such as the food service and retail industries). They also make excellent gifts for mail-outs or budget marketing campaigns. Speak with our friendly sales team today to learn more about mask pricing and delivery timeframes.


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