Two people wearing grey hoodies

Today, we're going to be talking all about promotional hoodies! Hoodies have become an incredibly popular choice for businesses looking to increase their brand presence. As autumn approaches in Australia, this is the perfect time to invest in these versatile and stylish garments!


  1. Promote your brand with hoodies.
  2. Choose versatile, customisable styles.
  3. Invest for autumn's seasonal relevance.

What Are Promotional Hoodies?

Promotional hoodies are long-sleeved clothing pieces that feature a hood on top. Often made from a blend of cotton and polyester, they provide warmth and comfort while showcasing your brand image with custom designs, logos or slogans. They can be useful marketing tools for promoting events, organisations or causes.

Guy in colourful hoodie

Why Choose Promotional Hoodies?

So why should you choose promotional hoodies to advertise your business? There are many reasons:

  • Universality: Hoodies appeal to different age groups, genders and demographics making them ideal for any marketing campaign.
  • Practicality: They serve as practical clothing items which can be worn during various weather conditions ensuring regular use by recipients. This increases visibility of the brand leading to more recognition.
  • Customisation: You can tailor these hoods into anything that suits your company style needs; bold colours matched with striking logos or subtle branding combined with unique features helps make them stand out in people’s minds!
  • Brand exposure: Every person wearing one essentially becomes a walking advertisement increasing chances for word-of-mouth referrals thus expanding reach much farther than traditional advertising methods would allow for.

Hoodie Style Selection Criteria

Hoodies come in various styles, and selecting the right one for your promotional campaign can make all the difference. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Material: Opt for a blend of cotton and polyester for a comfortable and durable hoodie that will last. This combination provides warmth while still offering breathability.
  • Zipper or Pullover: Decide whether you want a hoodie with a zipper or a pullover style. Zippered hoodies offer versatility by allowing the wearer to control the level of heat insulation. Pullover hoodies offer a more casual and relaxed look.
  • Hoodie Weight: Consider the weight of the hoodie, as this can affect its suitability for different weather conditions. Lighter hoodies are perfect for transitional seasons like autumn, while heavier hoodies are ideal for colder winter months.
  • Colour Selection: Choose colours that align with your brand image and will make your logo or custom design stand out. Opt for a colour palette that compliments your brand's aesthetics and appeals to your target audience.

Young woman in grey hoodie

Why Autumn Is The Perfect Time For Buying Promotional Hoodies

Autumn arrived here down under only recently so now is the perfect time purchase some branded seasonal gear! Here’s why this season is indeed suitable:

  • Seasonal relevance: With cooler temperatures coming up soon people start looking at warmer clothes becoming all around us hence its demand intake naturally rises starting  middle March till end of May essentially helping pitch prices down temporarily too!
  • Layering potential: By layering with other pieces like shirts beneath — especially when coming in and out of air conditioning — This versatile garment can last all winter long, making your brand that much more visible.
  • Lead time: Remember to account for production demands from suppliers while keeping sufficient time reserved for customisation works at facilities which may take some weeks so it makes sense to get a head start now!

Final Thoughts

Promotional hoodies are an excellent marketing tool offering practicality, universality and exposure opportunities. Autumn provides the perfect backdrop for investing in them since they're seasonally relevant AND economically priced with potential increase on visibility throughout the colder months. Don't miss this opportunity – reach out to Cubic Promote today and let your brand stand-out this autumn!