As hard as it is to believe, the babies born in the mid-1990s are babies no more -- like the rest of us they're savvy consumers keen on accessing promotional swag that ticks their boxes. But what particular boxes do you need to tick to get a Gen-Z audience on board with your campaign? In this blog, we're going to be breaking down the kinds of items you should utilise for any promotion aimed at today's young people.

Gen Z wearing promotional caps and sunglasses

Eco-Friendly Logo Printed Products

promotional products eco friendly gen z

While Greta Thunberg is the face of youth climate change awareness, most young people are similarly savvy about their impact on the world around them. This is why promotional eco-friendly items are so important when marketing to anyone aged 18-25. While we all appreciate the convenience, young people are on average more likely to consider the environmental impact of a promotional item over how easy it is to obtain or use. With this in mind, we suggest considering the following when you begin your next marketing campaign;

  • Promotional products made from recycled material -- Recycled cardboard promo pens
  • Custom merchandise made from natural material -- Bamboo branded toothbrushes
  • Logo imprinted goods that can biodegrade in a landfill -- Biodegradable non-woven tote bags
  • Personalised items that can be reused many times -- 600ml custom glass drink bottles

Ultimately you want to provide your Gen-Z recipients with promotional products that boost your brand, but not at the cost of the environment. Your thoughtfulness will be well-regarded by young audiences and held above less eco-friendly options.

Unisex Promotional Item Ideas

promotional clothing for gen z

The general consensus is that young person in the 21st century places less emphasis on the strict gendering of products when compared to their parent's generation. So when providing items for a youth-focused expo or event, many marketing groups are opting to supply more unisex product options than ever before. Not sure what is considered unisex? Thankfully most of the promotional products available through Cubic Promote are suitable for any adult regardless of gender, but some of our recent hits have included;

  • Unisex promotional clothing -- Berkley unisex promo hoodies
  • Items anyone can use regardless of age/gender/background -- SPF 50+ logo sunscreens
  • Custom branded goods everyone finds valuable -- Custom bluetooth speakers
  • Logo decorated products that aren't gendered by colour --Black toiletries travel bags

Even if you're catering for women in STEM event, or perhaps a men's mental health organisation, the Gen-Z crowd are keen for products that are inclusive and enjoyable for all.

Other Gift Ideas for Young Adult Audiences

Still, struggling? Here are a few quick promotional gift ideas that we've noticed young adult organisations ordering lately.

  • Branded Enamel Pins -- Show off personal style and values with decorative pins/badges
  • Promotional Bandanas -- Colourful and affordable, popular with youth not-for-profits
  • Customised First Aid Kits -- Help recipients be prepared for any situation, great for new students & drivers