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  1. Embracing Carbon Neutrality: Our Pledge for a Greener Future

    Embracing Carbon Neutrality: Our Pledge for a Greener Future

    The corporate world is standing at a crucial juncture in the wake of a global climate crisis. At Cubic Promote, we've decided to take a significant step forward in our environmental stewardship by embarking on a journey toward carbon neutrality. This commitment is not just about corporate responsibility; it's about setting a precedent for a sustainable future for all.

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  2. University Shirts: Where Education Meets Fashion

    students talking and laughing sitting on campus grounds

    Fashion and education have always shared a symbiotic relationship. As students across the globe express their identity and style, it’s no wonder that institutions like the University of Adelaide have become a hotspot for trendy and chic apparel. 

    But is it really surprising? In today’s day and age, where personal expression and uniqueness are celebrated more than ever, it's only natural for students to take pride in their appearance.

    Turning Heads on Campus

    Nowadays, when you walk around universities and colleges, you'd be forgiven for thinking you've stumbled upon a high-end fashion show rather than a campus bustling with students eager to learn. A recent wave of trendy apparel has been sweeping the campus grounds, and it’s hard not to notice.

    Like in the University of Adelaide, thanks to a collaboration

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  3. Tips to Make Logos Pop on Promotional Products

    Logo branding onto things is what we are good at, and we create some fantastic products every day for our clients. Amazing promotional products all starts with an incredible logo. No custom branded product will look nice if your logo is not up to the task of representing your organisation well. With this in mind, here are some top tips that you may master to create that terrific logo that will stand the test of time and appeal to people the way you would like it to.

    What Colours To Choose for Your Logo?

    Believe it or not, there is no rule of thumb for colours in your logo that will automatically make your logo more appealing. In fact, there is probably a successful business with a memorable logo out there already in every shade of colour.

    What you

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  4. Products for Wine and Cheese Day

    The National Wine and Cheese Day is on the 25th of July. It is a day that celebrates two of my favourite types of food. This particular day is celebrated in America, but really, I see no reason, why us Aussies, should not adopt this marvellous day. The best types of food in a cold Australian winter has to be cheese. Melt it in a pizza, toast, pasta, anything really and you have a beautiful winter warmer. As to wine, well anytime is a good time right? I love chilled white wine compared to Red!


    • National Wine and Cheese Day is a global opportunity to appreciate these products and their pairings.
    • Celebrations can involve learning about varieties or hosting themed parties.
    • Promotional items like branded cheeseboards and wine aerators enhance the experience.

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  5. Amusing Custom Sticky Notes about Life

    On the odd occasion, I bump into accounts on Instagram that are amusingly awesome. The Instagram account by artist Chaz Hutton, is one such example. His Instagram account is filled with images of Sticky notes that feature customised with hand drawings, of everyday life. The results are utterly hilarious.

    Customised Sticky Notes

    As an artist, Chaz Hutton is exceptionally creative. I really love these sticky notes on a personal level, because this seems to be me on a daily basis. Yes, these are first world problems, and things that seem so very important to me at the time, seem so hilariously funny when drawn out on a sticky note. Check them out below. Let me know what you think of them.
    These are genuinely next level type of personalised post its. Love them, Chaz! Keep up the great work.

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  6. Who Invented Gummy Bears?

    We've all enjoyed a handful of delicious promotional gummy bears from time to time. After all, who can resist a yummy fruity candy? Especially when it comes in all sorts of colours and flavours. But do you know the history of these delicious candies? We decided to find out more about how gummy bears came to be one of the most popular lollies on the international market!

    The History of Promotional Gummy Bears

    Gummy bear candy as we know it today was invented by Hans Riegel in the 1920's. Riegel and his wife started out making hard sweets rather than soft candies. These treats tasted nice, but they weren't very colourful or eye-catching. It

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  7. Crazy Video Game Promo Items

    Are you an avid video game fan? Well if you are then there are certainly some magnificent games lined up this year for Christmas. In the lead up to the launch of these Game titles though, there have certainly been some unexpected promotional merchandise that have been used to promote these games. Among the types of merchandising that have been used to promote video games are certainly these two efforts from Halo 5 & Fallout.

    The Halo 5 Guardian Marketing Merchandise

    The Halo range of video games have certainly spawned a huge range of toys and collectible items from regular t-shirts to keyrings. However none of that compares

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  8. Masterpieces created from Colour Pencils

    No matter how many amazing advances are made with digital art mediums, you can’t quite beat the tactile sensation of good old-fashioned colour pencil.  But you may not have thought of using them to create art in the way the crazy team at Advertising Served have conjured up…

    Faber-Castell Premium Pencil Art

    To celebrate the highly revered range of ‘Artist Colour Pencils’ from Faber-Castell, they have painstakingly re-created famous masterpieces using pencils in a totally unconventional way – with the pencils taking centre stage as the medium itself! You’ve never seen Vincent Van Gogh's ‘Terrace Cafe at Night’ or Edvard Munch's ‘The Scream’ like this before.

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  9. The Ultimate Promotional Cup

    We come across all sorts of concepts and products each day. Some of the ideas we come up with are quite simple (read ordinary), whilst others that we come across are quite unique indeed. In fact they are so unique that they are probably ahead of their time, meaning that other than being a bit of an oddity which is worth checking out for a laugh, no one will be willing to buy it. These types of products though are the ones that interest me the most.

    The Edible Cup

    We all use coffee cups. The disposable ones especially are quite bad to the environment due to the huge number of cups that are used and disposed of daily. A typical disposable coffee cup also does not biodegrade and cannot be recycled neither, which makes them an absolute disaster when it comes

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  10. Why Power Plugs Vary By Country

    Have you ever been on vacation lately in Europe, Asia or America? You would have noticed that the power plugs vary widely. Why is this? Carrying a stack of power adaptors larger than a Smartphone is cumbersome and annoying, especially when you lose them (thank goodness for standardised USB charge cables).


    1. Customised adaptors promote brand exposure.
    2. Future of power adaptors is exciting.
    3. Lack of standardisation causes variances.



    Power Plug History

    Power Plugs were first used as a convenient device to move a lamp from room to room safely and easily. This was way back in the 1880's, during which inventors

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