Hennessy Navy Blue Branded Cap with Basketball Insignia

Brand Name Marketing and marketing merchandise collide spectacularly with two seemingly different brands. NBA Basketball and Hennessy (famous Brandy Brand) (Note Hennessy is not a Whiskey). These two famous brands have come together for a promotional stunt that coincides with the NBA finals played in America.

Hennessy Branded Basketball Black

Harness the Power of Marketing

Using the power of marketing, the slick project included using imagery via social media and a beautifully filmed advertisement clip that could be seen throughout different sports channels. In addition, special commemorative packaging was also designed for this marketing campaign.

Celebrities and Influencers

Did someone mention celebrities? The use of celebrities ranged from local Australian hip-hop artists to tennis names such as Nick Kyrios. Online influencers were also on-hand to help spread the message. Having celebrities on board, along with infulencers, helps lend credibility to a campaign whether you're one of the biggest basketball brands in the world or a small community group, getting someone visible to vouch for you is powerful stuff.

A Floating Basketball Island

The team behind this marketing campaign knew what they were doing. Spectacular visuals in vibrant PMS colours get noticed on IG, Facebook, or other social media platforms. The folks at Hennessy delivered on this end. They created a floating basketball platform they anchored just off the harbour bridge. The visual effect is incredible.

floating basketball court

Sports Bars and Posh Bars

Having been to a few pubs and bars around Sydney, I realized how significant this marketing campaign is walking around. The presence of Hennessy and its association with the NBA is seemingly everywhere. This incredible push, I would say, has catapulted brand recognition to number one in Australia. Very impressive.

Merchandise Caps it All Off

Onto a topic that I am very familiar with. Merchandise! To cap everything off, a tangible product was created for this campaign in the form of Basketballs, Sweaters and Promotional Caps. These products look very exclusive and are high in quality. How do I know? Well, I have both basketball and a cap. Both of these products feel incredibly high-end.

The merchandise is available to purchase or as unique exclusive gifts at specific locations. They visually tie in and complete this relatively comprehensive and incredible marketing campaign. If you'd like to make merchandise work for your event or organisation like this campaign, then speak to the friendly team at Cubic Promote. Our experienced staff can help guide you to find the right active goods to match your marketing and add your logo design to each product to boot.

Information on the campaign first spotted here: https://thesource.com/2022/05/18/hennessy-nba-austrailia/