We come across all sorts of concepts and products each day. Some of the ideas we come up with are quite simple (read ordinary), whilst others that we come across are quite unique indeed. In fact they are so unique that they are probably ahead of their time, meaning that other than being a bit of an oddity which is worth checking out for a laugh, no one will be willing to buy it. These types of products though are the ones that interest me the most.

coffee cup cookie editable

The Edible Cup

We all use coffee cups. The disposable ones especially are quite bad to the environment due to the huge number of cups that are used and disposed of daily. A typical disposable coffee cup also does not biodegrade and cannot be recycled neither, which makes them an absolute disaster when it comes to landfill. This concept idea will address this issue. You see it is actually a cookie. So simply sip your coffee and once you are done, eat the cup. Pretty amazing right?

crumble cookie cup

Great for the Customer & Great for Brands

Your coffee customer will absolutely love the concept and your delicious espresso. For coffee brands and coffee shops though, you will also love the fact that these yummy cookies can be personalized with your logo and branding, turning your cup into a marketing promotional cup.

Yummy coffee cup editable

Concept Only

Sadly, like many of the oddball items that I see daily, this product is still in a conceptual stage. Yes, it can be produced, but no, there is no funding for it and at the moment it remains unavailable to the general public. Another sad fact is that this amazing cookie cup has been a concept idea only for the past 12 years. Hopefully this little blog post can spark some interest in people so that this item may be mass produced for us coffee lovers one day!

the cookie coffee cup