Reading the news the other day and I came across a really interesting article on the Olympics. Specifically the Sydney Olympics. It's the 10 year anniversary since we held those unforgettable games. (in my opinion still the very best organized and run games in our entire Australian history). One of the most important elements of the Olympic games was not the buildings, the facilities but the commitment of our volunteers.


  • The article reflects on the 10-year anniversary of the Sydney Olympics.
  • The significance of the one-off custom uniforms issued to the volunteers is highlighted.
  • The article emphasizes the priceless value these uniforms hold for the wearers.

The Olympic volunteers were issued with these one off designs for uniforms. Now those uniforms featured unique symbolic designs and were strictly one off designs created for and only for volunteers. Those garments are similar to the type of promotional polo shirts that we have on offer as an indent item where we can have them custom made. Those Olympic shirts were probably great value too. Those same garments worn by those volunteers are now priceless. When they interviewed those participants they expressed that the garment will be lifelong treasures to them.


Those shirts in the words of those volunteers are priceless. You see we in our industry all too often throw around the word promotional way too often such as referring to shirts as promotional shirts or bags as promotional bags. However to call these Olympic shirts as merely promotional polo shirts would be missing the point. The memento value of these shirts is immeasurable. In fact each one of us would have a memento where it is custom branded... be it a sporting team or an event where the actual value of the custom printed merchandise is low.


But to the individual that item represents absolutely everything and that item becomes virtually priceless. In picking promotional merchandise other than budget and type of item i would highly recommend considering this as well in your decision process!!

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The article highlights the priceless value of custom-made uniforms worn by volunteers during the Sydney Olympics. These garments, similar to promotional polo shirts, held immeasurable sentimental significance for the participants. It emphasizes the importance of considering emotional connections and memento value when choosing promotional merchandise.