Custom sunglasses have a long and fascinating history, and there is no doubt that they are a genius creation. Back in 12th Century China, sunglasses were originally made to block out sunlight & hide people’s facial expressions in court! Lo & behold who knew that centuries later, these ‘sunglasses’ would now, not only be a major fashion statement but an actual product that people don’t leave their house without, turning over millions each year. Seeing as they are not only used to protect our eyes but more as a fashion statement & keeping up with the trend is a money-making empire.

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Sunglasses With Logo Branding

Sunglasses only really took off in the 20th century when A list Hollywood stars started to wear them in studios to shield out the high-powered lighting in studios & staging lights. By 1929 the first ever mass production of sunglasses started by a man named Foster Grant! This is the man who’s really responsible for kick-starting the modern, trend-setting global obsession with logo-branded sunglasses.

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International Popularity

With this interest going global throughout the 20th century, people simply couldn't get enough of fashionable sunglasses. In fact, the army air force commissioned the optical firm of Bausch & Lomb to create sufficient eyeglasses to protect pilots from high altitude glare which then opened a can of worms for an even bigger development, Polaroid Filters. This was when the phenomenon grew!

In 1936 Edwin H. Land invented the polarised filters meaning sunglasses were now able to protect the eyes against harmful UV rays. Ray-Ban then developed anti-glare aviator glasses leading to the stylish brand we have today.

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Benefits of Custom Sunglasses

Other benefits to using promotional sunglasses include;

  • Eliminating Glare
  • Reduces Vision Damage
  • Helps improve performance of tasks
  • Fashionable
  • Brand promotion

Sunglasses are now more a need than a want -- brands worldwide compete against one another all the time to outdo one another so why don’t you compete with them. So next time you want to get noticed, contact the Cubic Promote team for information on our range of promotional sunglasses with your unique custom decoration.