Before people turned to video games for entertainment, people turned to puzzles. There are all types of puzzles, big ones, small ones and one of the most popular puzzles available was the sliding puzzle game. Today the sliding puzzle game is still as popular as ever though. Who invented the puzzle, how did the original version differ to modern interpretations, and how do promotional puzzles work as branded merchandise? Today on the Cubic Promote blog we'll look into all of these!


  1. Custom puzzles for brand exposure.
  2. Unique and memorable marketing tool.
  3. Versatile canvas for advertising needs.

What is a Sliding Puzzle?


The Sliding puzzle is a game that features a playing surface (or a board), that hosts an array of slidable tiles placed deeply into the puzzle frame to allow for ease of movement. Each tile features graphics, numbers or text that can been shuffled, starting the game as you try to put the tiles back in their correct order or reform the photographic image printed on the tiles. Each slidable tile is square shaped and moves with gentle pressing. This puzzle game aims to slide any or all of the tiles up or down to create a cohesive picture or a matching sequence. The sliding puzzle game goes by different names. Some of the different names they have been called: block sliding games or title sliding games.


What makes sliding puzzles so challenging is that there is one vacant, unoccupied space. Any tile movement, therefore, may only be done by sliding a tile onto this space.

sliding puzzles mar2019

Without free range of movement you must think through each action you take, ensuring that these puzzles will keep you occupied for hours!

Who Invented Sliding Puzzles?

There have been many variations on this sliding puzzle game. According to Wikipedia, the oldest known type is by a man called Noyes Chapman in 1880. He named his version, the 15 puzzles. The reason for this odd name is that the game is played on a grid of 15 squares (I guess naming has become a bit more creative since the 1880s). However, the game hasn't changed that much from Chapman's original vision if you look at comparisons between the OG puzzle and modern puzzles. While nowadays you're not limited to 15 squares on all tile puzzles, the overall format and goal remains the same.


Custom sliding tile puzzles remain extremely popular with kids and adults alike. What makes them so appealing as a promotional gift is their affordability (a couple of bucks each) but also their uniqueness. We can print your unique photograph or logo onto tile puzzles, for example, creating a wholly unique tile sliding experience for your organisation.


From my experience, sliding puzzles are extremely popular at tradeshows, expos or as part of a giveaway promotional marketing event. So why not speak with the professional team at Cubic Promote today about how to use custom branded tile puzzles in your next marketing campaign!

Promotional Puzzles: Marketing Benefits

In any shape, form, or design, promotional puzzles offer a range of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts. Here's why they are a valuable choice:

  • Affordable Brand Exposure: Custom puzzles are cost-effective promotional items that provide repeated brand exposure. As recipients engage with the puzzle repeatedly, your branding and message are reinforced, keeping your business top-of-mind.
  • Unique and Memorable: Toy puzzles stand out among traditional promotional merchandise, offering a unique and memorable experience for recipients. The interactive nature of the game creates a positive and lasting impression, associating your brand with enjoyment and entertainment.
  • Versatile Advertising Medium: The tiles of a sliding puzzle provide ample space for branding and creative designs. Whether it's featuring your logo, showcasing product images, or displaying key messages, sliding puzzles offer a versatile canvas for your advertising needs.
  • Targeted Audience Engagement: Sliding or not, toy puzzles can be customized to align with specific target markets or events. Tailoring the design and difficulty level of the puzzles allows you to engage your audience precisely, ensuring your promotional efforts resonate with the intended recipients.

Final Thoughts

So, now you know all about promotional tile sliding puzzles! They've been around since the 1880s, and they're still popular today. These puzzles are a great way to engage your audience and create brand exposure. They're affordable, unique, and offer a memorable experience for recipients. With the ability to customize them with your logo or design, you can target specific markets and events. So why not consider using custom sliding puzzles in your next marketing campaign? Give the team at Cubic Promote a call and see how they can help you out.