We've all seen surgical masks on TV, in the movies, and more recently being worn around by regular people concerned about the current outbreak situation. But who invented these simple but extremely important items used by millions of individuals around the world? The answer might just surprise you!

customised surgical face mask

The Original Surgical Mask was Custom Made

The bulk personal face masks we wear nowadays have been produced in a sterile factory, each made from 3-ply material that utilises microfibre to stop nasties getting in our out. However, the original surgical mask wasn't nearly as professionally made. While there are records of people from various cultures covering their faces to prevent infection, the first mask worn during surgery was put together by Paul Berger. Berger was a French medical surgeon and in 1897 he covered his face with a piece of fabric (essentially a handkerchief) while performing an operation. More surgeons began taking up this practice as it became apparent that it was useful to stop any coughs or sneezes getting on a vulnerable patient.

modern mask wearing branded

Modern Bulk Face Masks

These days surgeons still use masks to prevent the transfer of airborne fluids and they're a popular accessory for regular folk too, often being worn by the ill to stop their coughs and sneezes from infecting others. While there's some debate about the effectiveness of how some choose to wear surgical masks, there's little doubt that when used correctly they are a valuable modern medical tool.

Buying Promotional Masks

If you're interested in masks, particularly during this difficult time, you don't need to resort to tying a handkerchief around your face. Just chat with the Cubic Promote team and we'll be able to assist with bulk promotional face masks to help minimise infection risk. Like everything we well, we can add branding for your organisation onto mask packs, but if you just need them outright for your workplace or home, then we also supply them as-is without customisation. Be advised that our face masks are for personal use outside a medical setting only. Contact our sales team today for more information.

The face masks sold by Cubic Promote are intended for personal protective use only and are not intended for use in a medical setting.