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Promotional BLUNT Umbrellas

Buy authentic BLUNT umbrellas custom printed with your graphic or logo. These umbrellas are made from premium material and tested to exacting standards. Cubic Promote stocks a variety of BLUNT umbrella styles and colours, all ideal for customisation with your logo branding. Whether you're a law firm, a university, or a high-end event, you can't beat BLUNT umbrellas for their premium quality.

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About the Brand

BLUNT Umbrellas, originating from New Zealand, revolutionised the umbrella industry with its innovative design. Founded on the desire to combat the common frustrations of flimsy umbrellas, BLUNT has created products known for their durability, strength, and unique patented technology. Their umbrellas, characterised by a distinctive rounded shape, are engineered to withstand harsh weather, setting a new standard in umbrella craftsmanship.

Why Invest in Premium Umbrellas?

BLUNT umbrellas are more expensive than standard umbrellas because they are made from quality materials with the expectation that they will last users for years, rather than breaking and needing replacement within a few months of use like cheap umbrellas. BLUNT, as a brand, is dedicated to minimising waste, and a big part of that is making its umbrellas not disposable but truly enduring and reusable.

This brand achieves this by extensively testing its designs in extreme conditions and confirming they can withstand them. They only use durable material in their uniquely framed umbrellas, backing this up by a two-year warranty. So if quality and reliability are essential in your marketing merchandise, consider using BLUNT umbrellas as your next corporate gift.


What makes BLUNT umbrellas unique?

They feature patented tips and a tensioning system that create a strong, aerodynamic canopy, able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

How durable are they?

Known for their exceptional durability, BLUNT umbrellas are designed to last and come with a warranty, reflecting their build quality and longevity.

Are these umbrellas windproof?

Yes, they are engineered to withstand strong winds, with some models tested to handle gusts of over 55 mph (88 kph) without inverting.

What sizes and styles do they come in?

BLUNT offers a range of sizes and styles, including compact, classic, and extra-large, to suit different needs and preferences.

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