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Promotional BLUNT Umbrellas

Buy authentic BLUNT umbrellas custom printed with your graphic or logo. BLUNT umbrellas are the ultimate wet weather protection for Australians after long-lasting, high-quality brollies that also look incredible. BLUNT umbrellas are made from premium material and tested to exacting standards. Cubic Promote stocks a variety of BLUNT umbrella styles and colours, all ideal for customisation with your logo branding. Whether you're a law firm, a university, or a high-end event, you can't beat BLUNT umbrellas regarding corporate gifts that will make an impact. Cubic Promote's online prices are listed in Australian dollars and exclude GST.

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We Screen Print & Full-Colour Transfer Print

The Cubic Promote decoration team knows how important it is for your BLUNT umbrellas to look outstanding, which is why we use only proven branding techniques to add your design to these products. Screen printing is the ideal print technique for simple logos in up to 3 solid colours. However, we recommend a full-colour digital transfer print if you have a complex design with many colours or gradients. Our team will ensure your decoration is truly eye-catching, regardless of which method you choose.

Fast Delivery in Australia

Cubic Promote stocks BLUNT brand umbrellas locally for ease of decoration and delivery on custom orders. Our standard turnaround time for these premium brollies is 2 weeks from invoice payment, including delivery. If you have an urgent deadline, please let us know when you place your order, and we'll work towards it. Cubic Promote will deliver to any address in Australia or New Zealand.

What is a BLUNT Umbrella?

A BLUNT umbrella is an easy-to-open waterproof canopy held together by a frame of aluminium and steel that shields the user from rainfall. The BLUNT brand is unique in the world of umbrellas because its products are made using a trademarked tip that enhances aerodynamic performance in strong winds. Because of this and the brand's commitment to innovation and quality materials, BLUNT umbrellas are some of the best brollies on the market.

Here at Cubic Promote, we have many clients requesting BLUNT umbrellas with custom decorations to commemorate an anniversary, to use as a corporate reward, or to boost brand visibility in the wild. So if you're looking for a cutting-edge way to protect yourself or your team from rain, you can't beat promotional BLUNT umbrellas.

Why Invest in Premium Umbrellas?

BLUNT umbrellas are more expensive than standard umbrellas because they are made from quality materials with the expectation that they will last users for years, rather than breaking and needing replacement within a few months of use like cheap umbrellas. BLUNT, as a brand, is dedicated to minimising waste, and a big part of that is making its umbrellas not disposable but truly enduring and reusable.

BLUNT achieves this by extensively testing its designs in extreme conditions and confirming they can withstand them. They only use durable material in their uniquely framed umbrellas, backing this up by a two-year warranty. So if quality and reliability are essential in your marketing merchandise, consider using BLUNT umbrellas as your next corporate gift.

FAQ on BLUNT Umbrellas

Do you supply BLUNT umbrellas with logo printing?

Yes, we supply BLUNT brand umbrellas with your custom branding.

What is the smallest number of BLUNT umbrellas I can order?

The smallest number of BLUNT umbrellas we can supply is 12 units.

What material is the canopy of BLUNT umbrellas made from?

BLUNT umbrella canopies are made from 190T pongee material, the standard woven fabric used on high-grade umbrella canopies.

Will you print anything onto BLUNT umbrellas for me?

We will print most designs within reason, but BLUNT reserves the right to decline any custom print designs that do not align with their brand.

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