Gifts For High School Year 12 Graduates

Towards the end of each calendar year, we do a lot of work for high schools on behalf of students or caring teachers and principals who wish to give graduates who are leaving school a memento to remember their education.  For most year 12 students there are many events and pressures happening all at the same time.  However, within a few years, most people will recall their days with a bit of nostalgia. That is why having a year or class gift is a great reward for a successful school career, along with the Year 12 Jersey and the photos that you will no doubt have already.

  Successful High School GraduatesRewards for Year 12 Graduates

Selecting Gifts For Australian School Leavers

Despite what you may think selecting branded product ideas for high school graduations is rather difficult.  Why?  Well items that are fun and appealing do not have the sentimental feel or realistically quality to be kept ten years or more.  On the other hand, products that are high in quality and have a more conservative or traditional feel about them can be quite boring and not appealing at the time by the student.

So what products are a good idea and what products are best to be avoided? Well, products to be avoided are items that will stir controversy.  A high school once had stubby coolers printed up which had lead to some negative press coverage as parents associated the stubby coolers with alcohol.  Also, stay well clear of any offensive language or anything that would offend.  Anything food-related or perishable is fantastic for specific events on the day but are best to be avoided if you are considering the product as a memento gift (to provide lasting memories).

So what ideas work well?  Well, we believe it is all about design and branding products with images and text that are smart, witty or have a deeper meaning. So products like these make great ideas;

Promotional Dye Sublimation MugLaser Engraved Keyrings Branded Graduation Ducks Personalised Graduation Bears

Personalised Products for Australian Students

A product that has a specific meaning to you will always be the best possible memento idea. We obviously would not be able to contribute specific ideas for you, but if you are stuck, we can help with some general tips to get your creative juices flowing. Use these tips to come up with the perfect custom branded gift:

  1. Is your school near a physical place of interest or landmark?  Perhaps you are lucky enough to be by the seaside then would you consider a stress ball fish or an engraved mug. Maybe your school is surrounded by a large volume of trees then maybe a quality engraved wooden pen would be a great idea. Tell us what landmarks are near your school, and we can come up with ideas for you.

  2. The history of your school. Is there a heritage or a tradition to your school or its school leavers that no one else knows about? Use the images and motifs of this tradition or an actual product that is associated with this tradition for your graduation gifts.

  3. Events that occurred throughout the year which have meaning or resonates. Perhaps it could be significant events that have occurred within the past few years.  Good or bad it may be worthwhile remembering by having it represented onto a branded gift.

  4. Anticipated future events! Is there an event that is common to all that will be happening in the future?  If so use that as the basis for specific product ideas.

Leaving year 12 high school is a significant milestone and using custom branded gifts to remember the occasion is a very sweet way to remember your school days. Check out our tips and ideas page for more great inspiration and ideas.

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