CD or DVD Replication for Corporate Gifts

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Promotional items have evolved through the years from ball pens to truly innovative products that pack a powerful punch in terms of advertising and marketing. These days, companies can create awareness for their product or service through CD or DVD replication. Almost everyone owns a CD or DVD player and it has become an integral part of the audio-visual tools of all businesses. You can be sure that your message will reach your intended recipients if you store them in a personalised CD or DVD.

Customised CDs and DVDs are also ideal for showcasing your corporate logo. Apart from having your logo prominently placed on both sides of the item, you can also package them in a crystal case or a cardboard sleeve and include inserts containing short literature about the content of your branded CD or DVD.

What’s Inside Your Promo CD or DVD?

Like flash drives, custom-printed CDs or DVDs have different memory sizes where you can store audio and video files for sharing with your customers, clients, or employees. They are ideal as promotional items for disseminating information about your product, which may be:

  • Television series samplers
  • Motion picture samplers
  • Music samplers
  • Product catalogues
  • Training manuals or guidelines

How to Make an Impact with Your Promotional CD or DVD

You have to make sure that your printed CD or DVD will be watched by the recipients and that they will gain something from it. This is the only way to ensure the effectiveness of your custom-branded item. There are some ways to make sure that your printed item will make a good impression on your market:

  • Come up with a catchy cover design – Apart from your prominently placed logo, you can use a cool design that will grab the attention of the recipients of your CD or DVD. This will get them interested to play your item
  • Make the CD or DVD interactive – Provide your recipients access to your website through the interactive CD or DVD, with activities or even games that they can enjoy once they are on your site
  • Relevant content – Make your content short but relevant so that you are able to hold the people’s attention. Many people easily get bored with simply watching a talking head, so be sure you include compelling visuals and music in the content of your custom-printed CD or DVD.

Plus Points for Advertising

Using promotional CDs and DVDs will definitely provide a good medium for your advertising campaign. They are affordable and you get all the space you need. They are lightweight and quite easy to transport and carry around. People can take them anywhere with them so that you are assured that your logo will be seen by many. They are ideal for people who do a lot of traveling as part of their work as they would be bringing along their laptop computers with them and would be able to play your CD or DVD at any time they wish to.

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