Buying Guide: Mobile Accessories

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Companies have to keep up with the times, even in their promotional items. A way to keep customers and clients interested and engaged in your product or service is to come up with cool ideas for corporate giveaways, like promotional mobile accessories. These customised items are a smart and hip way to reach out to your market, particularly if they are comprised of the younger set. Giving out these freebies in schools and universities has proven to be quite an effective way to advertise a brand but since everybody nowadays owns a cell phone or any type of mobile gadget, then these items are appropriate for everyone.

Great Options for You

With printed mobile accessories, you have various options for highlighting your brand and each one of them offers an ideal printing area for your logo.

The most popular accessory would be the phone dongle that can be designed to add pizzazz to any cell phone. There are also phone holders and pouches with an even bigger printing space for your logo. You might want to go for tabletop custom-printed accessories for your mobile phone like a phone stand.

There are articles that you can actually use with your phone like a stylus or screen wipes, which can be printed with your company logo. Truly your options are unlimited. You can add accessories to your phone dongle or holder such as flashlights, lanyards for pouches, or have your logo printed on chargers too. Your recipients will surely remember your name as they enjoy using your custom-printed gift to them.

Factors to Consider When Giving Away Printed Mobile Accessories

Coming up with promotional items is a tried and tested way of reaching target markets. It is effective at creating brand awareness and pushing sales numbers. It is also effective at making a new brand stand out and be recognised. Using promotional items requires a plan and a process to ensure its success. Here are some of the things to consider if you plan to give out branded mobile accessories.

    • Proposing items to your boss – If you are in charge of corporate giveaways, the way it is usually done in companies is that you present a number of options for promotional items to your bosses and they select and approve what they want. You have to be prepared to state the reasons why such items would be ideal for your company
    • Consider the printing space for your logo – Some logo shapes look better in same-shaped items. You have to make sure that your logo will not look cramped in the space available for printing it
    • Decide if you want to go for quality or quantity – If you are planning to present your corporate gifts to your employees or valued clients, you may want to go for upscale and more expensive items and aim for exclusivity. If you want your item to reach as many people as possible then you may opt for less expensive custom-branded mobile accessories. You can even mix up the items or offer two different items, which will definitely grab your recipient’s attention. 

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