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As access to information become easier and quicker, it is only normal to accumulate much data. Storing these data is not usually a problem considering there are external hard drives which are designed for such function. But when you need to bring data with you or transfer them between computers regularly, you will certainly need something portable yet efficient such as USB Flash Drives.

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There are many advantages to using these promotional USB drives but it cannot be argued that these advantages stem from the fact they are small yet powerful enough to store and transfer as much as 32GB of data. In other words, you can bring your most important documents, beloved photos and favorite movies. So, with all these benefits, there is no arguing they have become a necessity.

Considering this, what you need to concentrate on are the qualities or features you would want to have your USB flash drive to have when you are in the market to buy one:

  • Speed: When shopping for a USB drive, you need to make sure you buy one which can transfer data as fast as possible. At the moment the industry standard is USB2.0.  Previously around 10 years ago the standard was USB1.0.  There are newer faster write and read speads at 3.0 however these are not popular and most computers (even new ones) do not support it.  This means having a USB3.0 will simply operate at the same speed as 2.0 if it is not supported by the computer.
  • Size: Since USB flash drives are designed to be carried on your person, you would certainly want to go with the smallest. This way, you can put them just about anywhere and be secure in the knowledge that you have all your important files with you. Some office workers slip their drives on their ID tag especially if the USB drive is mainly used for storing and transferring work-related files. Others slip them on their key rings to be sure they will not forget them whenever they leave their home.
  • Memory. As technology improves, so is the capacity of these USB flash drives. If you are planning on buying one, be sure to go with the one with the largest memory space so you can bring more files with you. Of course, you need to remember that the higher the memory, the more expensive.
  • Design. USB flash drives are not only functional but they can be fun as well. There are plenty of designs to choose from and they come in a variety of shapes and colors. In addition, they are made with material which can stand the test of time. In fact, they can last for as long as 8 years. This is perhaps the reason why a lot of companies these days hand out promotional USB flash drives customised with their company logo as part of their marketing campaign.
  • Security.There are several hardware and software tweaks that you can use to make your promotional flashdrive secure.  For example we have stypes of flashdrives that feature a lock on the lid.  Otherwise there are also hardware tweaks which can be done to your promotional flash memory such as hardcoding to make your data not deletable.  From a software perspective it would be beyond our capability however methods of encryption do exist and we suggest you to speak to an computer security consultant.

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