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Promotional Mousepads Custom Printed With Your Graphics

Order your promotional mouse mats printed with your logo or artwork today. Mouse mats are such a small yet instrumental piece of an office desk. We stock an extensive range of Mouse Mats that come in various sizes and materials. Our mouse mats are for anybody that works at an office, library or home and has a daily use for a mouse.


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We Digitally Print in Full Colour

We have access to the latest technology in full-colour printing, which lets us print your favourite pictures onto our mouse mats without losing any detail or crispness. The high definition of this print is even more prevalent when printing your company's logo, as with this method, it will pop and catch many people's eyes. So regardless of how complicated a logo or artwork may be, we can print them onto a mouse mat for you.

Made in Australia with Fast Shipping

Our mouse mats are available with a general turnaround of approximately two weeks from artwork approval. However, if you have an urgent order, we have express options which reduce this turnaround time to less than a week! All our mousepads are made in Australia

What is a Mousepad? (or mousemat)

A mouse mat is a thin material typically made from silicone or neoprene with a fabric pasted to the upper side. These are used for accuracy and ease of movement when using a computer mouse. They increase how effectively the mouse's laser is reflected, increasing the amount of activity registered by the computer. Furthermore, as the material and size of this product are small and light, you can take mouse mats anywhere they are needed with incredible ease.

Types of Mousepads

We carry both mouse pads that are cheap and expensive. They all work the same and can be branded with exceptional sharpness and quality. Premium mousepads have more accuracy and durability.

  • Rubber Sponge - Has flexibility but is relatively rigid compared to natural rubber.
  • Natural Rubber - Has excellent flexibility. You can even fold them, and they bounce right back.
  • Eco Recycled Rubber Material - Feels like natural rubber but is made with recycled materials
  • Neoprene Based - The material used in a wet suit. This product has lost a bit of its popularity in recent years.

How to Care for your Personalised Mousepads

To care for your mouse mat with a full-colour print, we recommend avoiding placing the product in direct sunlight for long periods. Furthermore, to ensure the mouse mat is clean, we also recommend that you irregularly wash it in a warm, soapy water sink and then leave it out to air dry in the shade.

Designed For Precise Optical Computer Mice

We design our promotional mouse mats with modern computer mice in mind. We ensure they are susceptible to light and can quickly and accurately reflect infra-red beams. To the end-user, when they use the mouse mat, they will have a product that is very responsive and very natural compared to almost any other surface that they can utilise a computer mouse. 

FAQ on Mouse Pads

Do you supply both the print and the item?

Yes, we supply a wide range of mouse mats that can be branded with a full-colour print without losing any definition.

Do you have Ergonomic Mousepads?

Yes, we have a range of mouse mats with wrist support as part of the mouse pad.

Do you Offer Graphic Design Services?

Yes, we can custom design an original image for you to brand onto these mousepads.

Can you Custom Cut Mousepads to my desired shape?

Yes, please tell us what shape you desire, and we can deliver. Popular shapes we have done for other clients include Clouds, Apple, and Telephone Shapes.

Images for Digitally Print Full Colour Mousepads

Coloured Mousepad 1

Coloured Mousepad

Mousepad 1

mousepad 3

Round Mouse Pad

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Fast Shipping Australia Wide
Fast Shipping Australia Wide
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100% Warranty On All Our Work
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99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
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15 Million+ items Shipped
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