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Custom Mouse Mats

Bulk Promotional Mouse Pads

Mouse mats are a fantastic option for getting your brand noticed in offices, schools, and events across Australia. Cubic Promote has a vast range of promotional mouse pads that we print in full colour for a vibrant, seamless look. Boost your next marketing campaign or make your event more visible by ordering bulk mousemats decorated with your design. Because mouse pads sit on the recipient's desk all day, they'll remain visible to them and any passers-by for years to come. Order today and give your campaign the exposure it deserves!

Australian Made & Printed Mouse Mats

Our mouse pads are proudly made right here in Australia. Mouse pads typically begin to get worn out around the edges. Mousepads from Cubic Promote though are made with durable materials which will extend the life of your mouse pads. We print them locally to order and can have them delivered and produced in an amazingly fast turnaround time of 1 week. If you need them sooner, just let us know. We print our promotional mouse mats in Melbourne, but we deliver Australia wide. Check out our: Buying Guide Mouse Mats

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Materials Used To Create Mouse Pads

We carry both mouse pads that are cheap and expensive. They all work the same of course and can be branded with exceptional sharpness and quality. The fundamental difference in price relates to different sized mouse pads, functionality (some mouse pads have pockets for photos) as well as materials. When it comes to different materials mouse pads can be broadly classified into:

- Rubber Sponge - Has flexibility but is rather rigid in comparison to natural rubber.
- Natural Rubber - Has excellent flexibility. You can even fold them, and they bounce right back.
- Eco Recycled Rubber Material - Feels like natural rubber but made with recycled materials
- Neoprene Based - The material used in a wet suit. This product has lost a bit of its popularity in recent years

In order from left to right, here are some close up images of the different materials used to make mouse pads within our range.

Designed For Precise Optical Computer Mice

We design our promotional mouse mats with modern computer mice in mind. We ensure they are extremely sensitive to light and can reflect infra-red beams quickly and with precision. To the end user, this means when they use the mouse mat they will have a product that is very responsive and very natural compared to almost any other surface that they can be utilise a computer mouse. The only exception is our neoprene mouse pad range, which we compose from wetsuit material.

Graphic Design Wicked Images to Print

The easiest way to get a mouse pad onto the top of someone's desk as opposed to in their draw (or worse still the bin) is to have your mouse pad designed with some great colours or some witty, smart graphics and comments. A bit of humour goes a long way. Otherwise, you can appeal to your recipient by having a pad that is simply incredibly stylish. We have a graphic designer on hand that can assist you with any designs or ideas. Ask us for mouse pad graphic suggestions if you are stuck for ideas.

Mouse pads Custom Cut to Shape

The most appealing shapes for mouse pads are circles and rectangles. These are the styles that we keep in stock. For a small fee though we can custom cut your mouse pad to your desired shape. Generally, for most geometric shapes this will merely be $100. Shapes such as clouds, a telephone shape, and an apple are some of the popular ideas that we have done in the past. If you wished to have a more intricate shape for your mouse pad, this might cost a little extra. Ask us for a price.

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