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Promotional Mouse Pads

Dive into the world of high-quality promotional mouse pads with Cubic Promote, Australia's preferred choice for custom mouse pads that combine functionality and brand promotion. These corporate branded mouse pads, essential for every desktop setup, not only enhance your mouse's performance but also serve as daily advertisements for your brand.

Custom Mouse Mats Australia

Cubic Promote specialises in a diverse range of corporate branded mouse pads in Australia, from the basic to the intricate. Whether you need a soft, flexible mat for daily tasks or a highly accurate pad for gaming, our extensive range ensures you find the perfect fit. Our promotional mouse pads, from standard designs to fabric ones or even the optical-friendly variations, echo unmatched craftsmanship. They are designed to amplify the efficiency of your mouse movement, contrasting greatly with conventional mats which can sometimes hinder smooth glides.

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Vibrant, Full Colour Digital Print

One of the standout features of top-tier custom mouse pads Australia is their ability to be customised in vibrant, full-colour designs, tailored exactly to your preferences. This means you can opt for anything from company logos to unique designs like personalised calendars, ergonomic branded mouse pads with wrist rests, memorable family photo collages, or special event branding. Thanks to their sturdy surface and non-slip rubber base, custom mouse pads offer an ideal platform for mice or touch sensors. The design process is in your hands, ensuring that every detail, be it a specific placement or the mat's thickness, is executed with meticulous care.

Rely on us to flawlessly reproduce your cherished images or designs onto the corporate branded mouse pads, retaining every intricate detail and vividness. Additionally, our flexible printing solutions cater to urgent needs and specialised requests, such as incorporating individual names or integrating your corporate logo using sublimation printing. Discuss your vision with our team, and we'll guide you on leveraging digital printing to bring your custom mouse pads designs to life.

Fast Delivery of Custom Mouse Pads Australia

Typically, our delivery timeframe for custom mouse pads is 2 weeks from the moment you place your order, covering most areas within Australia. For those in a rush, we offer express services that can expedite the process to a swift 48-hour dispatch for many of our premium promotional mouse pads.

Cubic Promote is equipped to ship custom mouse pads not only across Australia but also to Aotearoa New Zealand and international destinations worldwide.

What are Mouse Pads?

Mouse pads, or mouse mats, are sleek material layers placed beneath computer mice to enhance its tracking capabilities. They come in various materials like silicone, neoprene, or fabric-topped PVC, designed to maximise mouse laser reflections for optimal computer input. With Cubic Promote, you can guarantee the ideal blend of efficiency and aesthetics in all promotional mouse pads.

Thinking of a perfect promotional giveaway? Pair these custom mouse pads with promotional bags, offering a package deal that clients and employees will appreciate.

Our Range of Corporate Branded Mouse Pads

We offer a range of custom mouse pads Australia, from budget-friendly to premium options. While all provide consistent functionality and can be branded with high-quality precision, our premium promotional mouse pads are distinguished by enhanced accuracy and longevity.

  • Rubber Sponge: Firm yet flexible.
  • Natural Rubber: Highly adaptable; can spring back from a fold.
  • Eco Recycled Rubber: Feels like natural rubber but eco-friendlier.
  • Neoprene: A once-popular choice, though less in demand now.

How to Care for your Mouse Pad

To maintain the vibrant print on your custom mouse pads, we advise against exposing it to prolonged direct sunlight. Additionally, for cleanliness, consider washing it occasionally in warm soapy water and allowing it to air dry in a shaded area.

Tailored for Modern Mice

Our promotional mouse pads are crafted specifically for contemporary computer mice. We guarantee their heightened sensitivity to light, ensuring swift and precise reflections of infra-red beams. As a result, users will experience an exceptionally responsive and intuitive feel, making it a standout choice among most surfaces on which a computer mouse operates.

FAQs on Custom Mouse Pads Australia

Do you supply promotional mouse pads with custom printing?

Every mouse pad comes with digital full-colour print or a full-colour insert of your design.

Do you have ergonomic mouse pad designs?

Yes, we offer mouse pads with comfortable wrist supports.

Do you offer graphic design services for corporate branded mouse pads?

Absolutely, we can conceptualise unique designs for your corporate mouse pads.

Can you cut branded mouse pads into a custom shape?

Inform us of your desired shape, be it clouds, apples, or telephones, and we'll make it happen (additional costs may apply for unique shapes).

Why Choose Cubic Promote for Branded Mouse Pads

Choosing Cubic Promote for your corporate branded mouse pads ensures you're aligning with a leader in promotional product solutions. We combine years of industry expertise with cutting-edge printing technology, delivering custom mouse pads that are both functional and visually striking. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, ensuring all of our corporate mouse pads meet both our own and your standards. Moreover, our attentive customer service team guides you through every step of the process, from design selection to delivery, ensuring a seamless experience. When you choose Cubic Promote, you're not just purchasing branded mouse pads; you're investing in a partner dedicated to elevating your brand's presence.

Images for Digitally Print Full Colour Mousepads

Coloured Mousepad 1

Coloured Mousepad

Mousepad 1

mousepad 3

Round Mouse Pad

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