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Promotional Metal Bottles

We sell promotional metal bottles custom printed with your company’s logo or artwork. These bottles are built for durability and style, ensuring long-lasting use. Customise them to ensure your brand is always in the spotlight.

For more than 18 years, Cubic Promote has been the go-to provider of promotional products for over 4,500 Australian businesses annually. Our commitment to quality and sustainability sets us apart. As one of the few companies in Australia holding a carbon-neutral certification, we actively work to minimise our environmental impact. By opting for our branded metal bottles, you're supporting a company dedicated to making a positive difference.

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Types of Custom Branded Metal Bottles

Explore our selection of promotional metal bottles, designed for sustainability and daily convenience:

  • Materials: Available in aluminium and stainless steel, making them BPA-free and food-safe.
  • Aluminium Advantages: Offers a lighter option, though more chemically reactive.
  • Stainless Steel Benefits: Provides durability and non-reactive properties for safer use.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: Crafted to fit seamlessly into car cup holders.
  • Customisation Options: Choose from single or double-walled constructions.
  • Versatile Lids: Range of lids and loop caps for various needs.
  • Eco-Conscious: Supports the move towards reusable and eco-friendly drinkware.

How to Care for Personalised Water Bottles

Although screen-printed and digitally printed designs on metal bottles are not dishwasher safe, gentle hand washing with mild detergent is recommended for cleaning. Laser-engraved logos, however, remain permanently on the bottle. Using cleaning tools like bottle brushes or straw brushes is advised to maintain the quality of the bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Branded Metal Bottles

Can you custom brand your logo onto bottles?

Yes, we specialize in customising water bottles.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order for custom water bottles is 25 units, including various lid options.

Are metal bottles dishwasher safe?

We recommend hand washing as dishwashers may affect the print.

Are they BPA-free?

Yes, all our metal bottles, including aluminium bottles, are BPA-free. 

What is a double-walled bottle?

Unlike single-walled bottles, double-walled metal bottles keep drinks cold or warm for extended periods. They are comfortable handling any liquid temperature, making them a versatile choice for various beverages.

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