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Promotional Coin Banks

Buy customised coin banks with your brand logo or message. Coin banks are great for cultivating prudence and encouraging saving. We carry a wide selection of coin banks that are stylish and functional. Our custom branded coin banks are great gifts for the young and old. This is a great giveaway option, whether in the banking and financing industry, educational or well-being sector.



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We Pad Print on Coin Banks

Using the excellent pad printing process, we efficiently pad print your logo or graphic in up to 3 colours onto the outer surface of the coin bank. This will give you a unique crafted coin bank with your logo or message. 

Fast Shipping in Australia

Our customised coin banks are available in 2 weeks. If you need this product sooner, please tell us, and we will endeavour to work on your request. We deliver everywhere in Australia, including NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, TAS, NT, WA, and SA.

What is a Money Box?

A moneybox is a closed container in which money is kept, especially with a hole in the top through which coins can be pushed. The general use of them is to store loose change. However, modern coin banks are not limited to the likeness of pigs and may come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours.

How to Care for Your Coin Banks

Your customised coin banks tend to get moist with money. Keep them dry and avoid damaging the logo print by wiping them regularly using dry cloths. The branding will withstand daily wear and tear. We recommend that users not scratch the logo as it may come off and keep it on the desktop or away from direct sunlight.

FAQ on Money Boxes

Do you supply money boxes with custom printing?

Yes, we can supply custom printed money boxes.

Do you supply money boxes with no custom decoration?

Yes, we can supply unbranded money boxes.

Can we make coin banks in custom shapes?

Yes, we can provide indent coin banks in unique shapes.

Can we put our logo in any position?

No, for the readymade coin banks, but yes, for the indent coin banks.

Do you have eco-friendly coin bank options?

Yes, we have a cardboard option.

Check out our Buying Guide for Coin Banks.

Personalise Your Money Boxes

We supply money banks delivered to you with your graphics emblazoned via prints all around the item. That is not all, though. Did you know that you can enhance your piggy banks even more by customising them into a different shape altogether? We can have your piggy bank delivered to you with accessories, such as shirts, shorts, hats, glasses, boots, and more for larger orders. They do not even need to be in the shape of a pig to make this possible. When customising piggy banks, the turnaround time is 4-10 weeks. Ask us about this option when you enquire with us.

Safe For Children

Safety is an important consideration when purchasing a custom branded money bank. Most money banks are supplied to young children and toddlers, so you need to be sure they are safe to use. Our money coin banks all have features that will give you peace of mind when purchasing:

1) Made from durable plastics and ceramics that have increased resistance to breaking.

2) In the event of breakages, our piggy banks shatter so that there is a minimal amount of sharp edges.

3) The colours used in painting the piggy bank are free from harmful toxins. (we know kids like to chew things sometimes)

Cubic Promote is a member of APPA. All the money banks that we carry will meet all relevant Australian legal and regulatory safety requirements as part of our membership requirements.

Image for pad printing on piggy bank.

Piggy Bank

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