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Want to encourage the essential money habit of saving? You need to invest in custom branded piggy banks from Australia's most trusted supplier, Cubic Promote. Money banks are a favourite promotional product of the banking industry, but they suit educational and wellbeing fields as well. Order your bulk custom piggy banks from our sales team, and we'll print each one with your unique logo or slogan design. Engage with the young and old using these fantastic money storage devices individually branded with your eye-catching graphics. Check out our Buying Guide for Coin Banks.

Personalize Your Money Boxes

We supply money banks delivered to you with your graphics emblazoned via prints all around the item. That is not all, though. Did you know that you can enhance your piggy banks even more by customising them into a different shape all together? For larger orders, we can have your piggy bank delivered to you with accessories, such as shirts, shorts, hats, glasses, boots and more. They do not even need to be in the shape of a pig to make this possible. When customising piggy banks, the turnaround time is 4-10 weeks. Ask us about this option when you enquire with us.

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Buy Money Banks Safe For Children

Safety is an important consideration when deciding on purchasing a custom branded money bank. Most money banks are supplied to young children and toddlers, so you need to be sure they are safe to use. Our money coin banks, all have features that will give you peace of mind when purchasing:

1) Made from durable plastics and ceramics that have increased resistance to breaking.

2) In the event of breakages, our piggy banks, shatter in such a way that there is a minimal amount of sharp edges.

3) The colours used in painting the piggy bank are free from harmful toxins. (we know kids like to chew things sometimes)

Cubic Promote is a member of APPA. As part of our membership requirements, all the money banks that we carry will meet all relevant Australian legal and regulatory safety requirements.

Personalised Coin Banks are a Versatile Item

We have supplied coin banks to many different organisations for a variety of events including Football Clubs | Local Community Clubs | Banks | Insurance Companies | Accounting Firms | Sports Clubs | Insurance Companies | Real Estate | Nappy Brands | Kindergarten & Nurseries & More.

Coin banks are extremely versatile as a product as you can tell from the diverse range of industries where we have supplied this product. The message a coin bank sends out essentially is about the importance of saving money and making it fun at the same time.

Both Adults and Child Will Remember A Coin Bank

The recipient of your coin bank will pass through typically an adult followed by a child. For branding exposure, you immediately have displayed your branding through to several people already which is a definite bonus for your organisation. Most piggy banks are kept for a few years. We have known that some promotional piggy banks have been kept for as long as two decades. A well branded Piggy Bank a very very long term promotional product.

Mix Up Colours For Your Bulk Order

Where indicated on our website, we have piggy bank options that are available to be delivered to you in a choice of colours at no extra cost. When you place your order, let us know what colours you would like, and we will mix up the colours for your order.

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