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Promotional Drink Bottles

Cubic Promote is Australia's premier destination for top-tier personalised water bottles that seamlessly incorporate your unique branding. Given Australia's warm climate, there's no denying the importance of staying hydrated. What better way to promote health and hydration than with a stylish custom drink bottle that carries your branding? We boast an extensive array of shapes, sizes, and colours, ensuring that there's a promotional bottled water solution tailored to every branding need.

Promotional drink bottles and branded water bottles serve as a functional yet powerful marketing tool, perfectly suited for diverse events and occasions. Whether you're targeting fitness enthusiasts, office professionals, or general consumers, a custom water bottle branded with your logo ensures your message is seen every time someone takes a sip. When you choose Cubic Promote, you're not only investing in promotional drink bottles but in long-lasting brand visibility.

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Superior Branding Options for Your Custom Drink Bottle

From spot prints to intricate laser engravings and direct digital prints, our range of branding options ensures that your promotional bottled water stands out. Our dedicated team employs the latest printing techniques, guaranteeing that the final branded water bottle design is both vibrant and durable.

Digital Printing Techniques for Branded Water Bottles: Full Colour Wrap vs. Spot Prints

Our precision printing ensures your design is rendered on personalised water bottles with remarkable clarity and detail. While all branded water bottles accommodate spot prints in 3x3cm designated areas, we also proudly present an all-encompassing full-colour wrap finish that covers the entire surface of the custom water bottle body. Do note that not every custom drink bottle type is compatible with the wrap print option. For guidance on the best fit for your design, our amiable sales team is at your service. The compatibility of bottle types with the full-colour wrap effect is as follows:

  • Aluminium Drinkware: Supported for most styles.
  • Plastic Drinkware: Supported for most styles.
  • Polycarbonate Drinkware (typically transparent plastic): Limited to Spot Prints.

Digital Previews for Your Personalised Water Bottles

Let our talented design team craft a digital representation of your custom drink bottle complete with your unique design. A virtual mock-up, allows you to preview and visualise how your logo will seamlessly integrate with the promotional bottled water label or the entire body of the custom drink bottle. To initiate this, kindly forward your logo to us via email.

Hands-On Evaluation with Physical Samples of Promotional Drink Bottles

For a tangible feel, we can dispatch an unbranded version of your selected custom drink bottle, charging only for the shipping. This gives you a firsthand experience of the bottle's physical dimensions and weight, aiding your decision-making process before placing a bulk order for personalised water bottles.

Tailored Pre-Production Prototypes of Branded Water Bottles

To offer a more personalised touch, we present pre-production custom drink bottle samples that showcase your logo decoration on your chosen custom water bottle. Priced at $90 per bottle, this fee encompasses the decoration, personnel involvement, and delivery of this individual custom water bottle. Opt for this if you aim for absolute certainty that the final product aligns perfectly with your branding vision before endorsing a larger order.

Artwork Guidelines for Branded Water Bottles

For optimal results on personalised water bottles, we kindly request that you forward your logo in .AI, .EPS, or .PDF formats, ensuring they contain editable vector outlines. If you're unable to provide these specific formats, worry not; our skilled graphic designers can recreate your existing JPG, GIF, or PNG image for a nominal fee of $25.

Support Local with Australian Made Promotional Drink Bottles

Dedicated to fostering local industries, Cubic Promote offers a range of BPA-free promotional drink bottles made in Australia. For businesses with budget constraints, our overseas-made bottles offer an equally impressive alternative.

Promote Sustainably with BPA-Free Promotional Bottled Water

All our promotional drink bottles, with the exception of bottled water, are BPA-free, prioritising health and well-being. If you're ever in doubt about the material or have specific requirements, our friendly sales team is on hand to assist.

Plastic, Metal and Polycarbonate Branded Water Bottles for Every Need

Whether you're interested in PET plastic bottles ideal for sporting events or premium polycarbonate and metal bottles that exude luxury, Cubic Promote has the perfect custom drink bottle solution for your branding needs. Our PET plastic branded water bottle is lightweight, durable, and available in an array of vibrant colours. In contrast, our aluminium and stainless steel promotional drink bottles lend a touch of class, making them perfect for upscale events and corporate gifts.

PET Plastic Bottles

Characterised by their soft and squeezable nature, a PET branded water bottle is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight — making them ideal for water storage. Their affordability is an attractive feature, and with the use of food-safe ink dyes, this promotional bottled water can be adorned in a range of vibrant colours. It's not uncommon to see such bottles distributed during sports events, such as marathons. As a side note, we also offer customised glass trophy awards as memorable gifts for event winners.

Polycarbonate Bottles

In contrast, Polycarbonate bottles boast a clear, translucent appearance. They aren't as flexible as PET bottles, but they make up for it with unparalleled strength — so much so that similar materials are used in bullet-proof glass! These bottles have a sophisticated appeal, making them favourites among mature audiences. With enhanced aesthetics and functionality, they are priced a bit higher and have a slightly heavier weight.

Metal Bottles: Aluminium and Stainless Steel

Representing the epitome of luxury, our metal bottles, crafted from stainless steel or aluminium, exude elegance. Although they are heavier than their plastic counterparts, this weightiness contributes to their upscale, premium feel. Typically chosen for events like product launches or concerts, these bottles can be branded using laser engraving, with printing available on select styles. Let these exquisite custom water bottles elevate your branding to new heights.

Why Cubic Promote is the Best Choice for Personalised Water Bottles

With our unwavering commitment to quality, innovative branding techniques, and extensive product range, Cubic Promote has established itself as the leading supplier of the branded water bottle in Australia. Our transparent pricing, listed in AUD and excluding GST, coupled with our dedication to customer satisfaction, makes us the trusted choice for promotional bottled water by businesses nationwide.

Choose Cubic Promote for your branded water bottle needs, and let your brand make a lasting impression, one sip at a time!

Experience Quality and Product Assurance with Cubic Promote

Our commitment to quality doesn't stop at our products. We provide physical and pre-production promotional water bottle samples to ensure that you're completely satisfied with the final product before placing a bulk order. Additionally, with our product and print quality guarantees, you can rest easy knowing that each personalised drink bottle will meet and exceed your expectations.


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