Promotional Product Ideas for Teenagers

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Aged between 13-19 years of age, teenagers are youthful and energetic members of Australian society. They are up-to-date with current technology & fads and are always on the lookout for new and interesting products to play with. The current generation of teenagers is also environmentally and socially conscious and will consider these factors when buying or receiving gifts. Cubic Promote is the perfect Australian organisation for supplying logo branded promotional products for a teenage audience.

Mini Laptop Bag and Eco-Friendly Notepad

Marketing Merchandise for Teenagers

Our sales team has considerable experience with supplying personalised products for events and organisations that deal with teenage clientele.

  • Teenagers are quick to pick up on trends thanks to their extensive use of social media. They're also fairly quick to dismiss a promotional product if it's not the "in" thing. We update our catalogue regularly to ensure we have what's trending, so you're never left disappointed.

  • Teens lead active lives, and so appreciate compact, functional items they can take with them in backpacks or attach to their smartphones. They also have strong loyalty to popular brands which means they're often keen to wear or carry products with company logos in prominent positions -- if, of course, they like the brand in question!

  • Teens attend a lot of events for sports, social activities, and their education. We have industry-tailored promotional products that will suit teenagers whether they're at a sports carnival, buying merchandise from their favourite band's concert, or simply attending an open day for their university of choice.

Promotional Products for Young People

Our biggest hint for appealing to teens is to put a lot of thought into your designs. A good design will sell them on almost any practical, stylish product!

promotional notebooks for teenagers

Personalised Notebooks

Promotional journal notebooks may seem like a dull product at first, but nothing could be further from the truth. Young people enjoy journaling ideas, planning their days, and jotting down dreams. If you design an inspiring and eye-catching logo decoration for the cover young people will enjoy receiving them at any school, education, or business event you can think of. Best of all, they won't break the budget AND you can put together a fantastic little pack by including a logo branded pen with the notebook as well.

promotional calico bags for teenagers

Custom Printed Calico Bags

Eco-friendly products, such as calico bags, that can be used on a daily basis make excellent giveaway items for teens attending orientation weeks at unis or schools. Another great use for these promotional products is to use them as part of a reward or gift pack. Teens are conscious of the environment but also love to look fashionable, these bags manage to combine both and that's what makes them so popular with our clients!

  promotional usb flash drives for teenagers  

Promotional Tech Gifts

When you're considering buying a promotional product for a group of teenagers, then you can't beat items such as; Unique Branded USB Flash Drives, Promotional Power Bank Chargers, and Personalised Bluetooth Speakers. USB drives are a great way to share data and teens will love them even more if you get them in interesting shapes with custom printing. Young people also do a lot of work on their smartphones and tablets these days so a power bank with your logo printed on it would be ideal for boosting your brand. And finally, if you're looking to give a personalised gift, a portable Bluetooth speaker will have teens dancing to their favourite music in no time. Suitable for all industries, our range of promotional electronics will please your teenage demographic once customised with your artwork.

More Advice

Nothing catching your eye? Don't worry; our friendly sales team are always ready with suggestions and bulk pricing to suit any event or business. Contact our sales staff today for more teen promotional product ideas.

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