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  • Unusual Sports Merchandise

    Great Weekend for Aussies in Sport We've certainly just witnessed an amazing weekend of sports for Australia as the NRL grand final on Sunday night took the nation on an emotional rollercoaster
  • Burger King Custom Branded Wine

    Wine is serious business. It conjures up images of class. It’s seemingly the most elegant of alcohols, created in sun dappled vineyards in exotic and beautiful locations to be enjoyed by the wealthy
  • Package Delivered 40 Years Late

    I think anyone and everyone who’s purchased something from a distance and had it shipped in the mail has experienced faint disappointment, mild irritation, or sheer unblinking fury when it didn’t
  • Custom Wine Bottles for Gen Y

    Wine & Drinking Merchandise Sometimes a great product isn't enough. You can know the market and know the product they'd like to buy, but if it doesn't look right it's going to miss the
  • 5 Creative Custom Business Card Designs

    Personalised Business Cards It's no secret that we at Cubic Promote are huge fans of a well designed business card. We are living in a world where absolutely everything is becoming digitised,
  • Nameless Paints = Amazing Merchandising

    Unique Promotional Packaging So much of the time, packaging design and branding is an intense saturation of words and labels with the express purpose of driving the brand recognition into consumers
  • Crazy Selfie Stick Promo Item

    There are some promotional items that are very normal, whilst there are other products that are absolutely CRAZY! This particular selfie stick is definitely the type of product that I would call crazy.
  • Amazing Custom Printed Umbrellas

    The weather in Sydney has been rather dismal lately. Dark, dreary rainclouds looming overhead, a dash of rain in some areas and rough storms in others, and a chilling wind that cuts right through you.
  • Tokyo 2020 Abandoned Logo Alternatives

    Earlier this month, the organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ran into some trouble when designer of the official logo Kenjiro Sano was accused of plagiarism against the design of the logo for the
  • Amazing 3D Printed Custom Gummy Lollies

    Ultimate Promotional Product What are the most exciting elements you can bring together in an item of promotional merchandise? Food is a good element,
  • 4 Uses for Custom Flashlights

    Practical Outdoor Promotional Giveaway A flashlight or torch is definitely on the more unconventional side of promotional merchandising, but they can actually make for a great practical and
  • Whoops! Branding Errors at Barangaroo

    We here at Cubic Promote are no strangers to branding problems. We’re in the business of promotional products, and sometimes, our customers can’t quite decide how they want to promote their brand.
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