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  • Business Card Design Inspiration

    Business cards are usually practical, bland pieces strips of paper which many of us use without giving them much thought. They can be quite powerful little pieces of marketing though, if you put some
  • Branded Items for an Asset Management Company

    There is nothing quite like solid stern colours to show off your companies credentials in providing solid advice and reliable trust worthy services. This business which specializes in Asset management
  • Custom Tile Puzzles & 80s Items

    Being a child of the 80's and 90's you could not escape the famous Game boy. The Game boy item was the coolest thing you can own back then. So with a double hop happy skip down memory lane, I have come
  • Elegant Eiffel Tower Coffee Maker

    I know I'm not the only one who loves a damn fine cup of coffee, so when I spotted this incredibly unique drip coffee maker I knew I had to share the details! The Eiffel 2000ml cold-drip coffee maker
  • Pay it Forward With Post-Its

    A slice of pizza might not seem like anything special, but to the homeless of Philadelphia a single slice can mean the world. Mason Wartman only traded his Wall Street job for a pizzeria named after
  • Unusual Custom Bottle Openers

    Bottle openers are a staple of kitchens, BBQ areas and keychains the world over. Having a working bottle opener is essential if you're a fan of bottled drinks or enjoy hosting parties. Sure, we all
  • Essential Tools for Selfies

    Make sure your selfie is a good one with these essential selfie tools. Everyone can take a selfie but why settle for ordinary, when you can take a selfie that is Extraordinary with a few simple tools.
  • Quirky Film Brand Drink Bottles

    In a unique take on revisiting classic branding through modern products, these logo emblazoned drink bottles have been inspired by
  • Why Power Plugs Vary By Country

    Have you ever been on vacation lately in Europe, Asia or America? You would have noticed that the power plugs vary widely. Why is this? Carrying a stack of power adaptors larger than a Smartphone is
  • Chic Printed Fairytale Glassware

    We're big fans of custom glasses, but these have to be some of the most unique pieces of printed glassware we've ever seen! This
  • Pastel Promotional Items

    In a sea of loud advertising and bright primary colours for advertising and corporate branding, sometimes the simplicity of Pastel colours work extremely well in presenting a corporate image that is
  • Awesome Personalized Floormat Design

    Door mats do not need to be boring. They can be rather awesome if you have yours personalized in either shape or message? If you are in the mood for a cheeky message in front of your door for your home
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