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  • Artwork out of a simple pencil

    We all have those regular pencils laying around, old as new, not very special or exciting to use or look at. Seeing what the Russian artist Salavat Fidai turned them into though, made us realize that
  • Vibrant Custom Crayon Couture

    Who ever thought crayons could be made into something so spectacular? The designers behind Haute Couture creations always seems to blow my mind. In my opinion, some can get a bit over the top and seem
  • Tasty Edible Coffee Cup

    We only recently blogged about an awesome idea for an edible promotional cup. The concept product was designed to
  • Colourful 3D Tetris Cushions

    Old and new geeks alike will no doubt get a kick from this unique range of customised gift pillows. Pillows are pretty standard
  • Quirky Bloody Mary Recipe Glasses

    Despite what we might like to tell ourselves, we're not all secretly talented bartenders. This can lead to serious embarrassment when friends come over and you mix a drink that isn't up to par. That's
  • Pen Collecting is Still Popular

    So what is the cool kid in the class doing nowadays? It is Pen Collecting of course. The hottest thing since Pokemon. Sadly that is an overstatement. However pen collecting which has always been a Niche
  • More Stunning Printed Tee Shirt Designs

    This is the 2nd part of our exploration into the COOLEST tee shirts ever designed. The humble tee shirt originally was once considered an under garment. The tee shirt was never supposed to be the only
  • The wonderful things about dining and cooking

    It's always a lovely thing to be able to replicate one of the food you've tried in a restaurant. Some experienced chief or someone who's simply passionate about food and cooking could easily pick up
  • 5 Weird & Wonderful USB Hubs

    USB hubs are the forgotten office technology helpers. Each USB hub device can be used to expand a single port into several once connected to the host system. This means that instead of being restricted
  • Strangest Movie Promo Items

    I love going to the movies and I am guilty of purchasing movie merchandise for some of my favourite flicks, especially for super hero themed movies. With much delight though, I have come across some
  • Perth Mint Star Trek Collaboration

    Last year we talked about the awesome Batman custom stamp promotion that combined the forces of the US Postal Services
  • Russian Bear Logo Intrigue

    I love looking at logo's. Which makes my job perfect in the area of custom branding, as I love it when I come across really interesting ones. This particular effort created for the Russian airport though,
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