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  • Ultimate Bulk Donut Giveaway

    Crispy Kreme has offered a “double hundred dozen” box of 2400 donuts in a promotional giveaway in a recent UK marketing campaign in London to increase awareness regarding its large order range.
  • Buying an Iphone 6 Because of Size? Then Read this first

    This is not another opinion piece on the new Iphone 6, but a factual analysis on the key selling point of the new Iphone 6, being screen size. Most of you will know already that Apple's super gadget
  • 5 Fun Custom Mugs We Saw Today

    Although September is drawing to a close and the temperature here in Australia is definitely warming up, the demand for hot drinks hasn't dissipated. That's the great thing about coffee and tea, we
  • Fun Geeky Custom Garments Seen Today

    These have got to be some of the most awesome and geekiest garments that I have ever seen. Without giving any movie or product names away, one look at these 2 products should elicit both familiarity
  • Loyalty Gifts that are a Bad Idea

    This little free offer by a Pizza Hut Franchisee in Melbourne Australia has raised an eyebrow or two. A Pizza hut branch in Mt Waverley decided that it needed a boost in sales so it decided to offer
  • Michelin's Promotional Hide n Seek

    Now here's an innovative promotion that combines old school custom goods with a unique social media adventure experience. To celebrate its 125th year of operation, the Michelin Group have opted for
  • KFC Japan Marketing Items

    Fried Chicken has seemingly taken over Sydney nowadays. I am amazed to find Fried Chicken from all sorts of places, from Chinese restaurants, South American Restaurants and many more unlikely places.
  • Everyday Design Influences

    Upon learning that acclaimed designer Marc Newson has joined forces with Apple, we got to thinking about the extent to which leading designers influence our everyday lives. After all, from morning through
  • The Notebook Water Bottle

    If you are a frequent user of water bottles, like me then you would have noted a long time ago a fundamental design flaw with common round water bottles. When you place a bottle in your bag, your round
  • Custom Branded Iphone 6 Accessories

    With the new release of the Iphone 6, new users will be presented with an even larger array of accessories than ever before. However, the basic accessories will always be needed for this device. Cubic
  • Super Hero Branded Coins

    I came across the beautiful Superman branded coins. These coins are real coins produced by the Canadian Mint. Originally a complete Superman set was produced last year to celebrate the caped crusader's
  • Anything is Possible: Custom Merchandise

    It's amazing how far power banks have evolved in such a short period of time. Now their style and format is limited only by your imagination! Case in point, Charlie the ChargeBear. This adorable plush
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