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  • New Reversible USB For Iphone 6 & More

    There has been rumours that the next Iphone (tentatively I shall refer to as 6 until they release a proper name for it) will feature a new reversible USB plug in port. It looks like this reversible
  • Unique Mugs for Game of Thrones

    The Game of Thrones epic  is attracting legions of fans. As with all science fiction shows that reach a certain popularity there are always going to be really cool merchandise. The current Game of
  • Creative Business Card Design

    How many business cards have you received in your lifetime? Personally I have seen thousands. Most business cards are quite utilitarian (especially those issued by large corporations). On the odd occasion
  • Movie Inspired Custom Merchandise

    Everyone loves a great movie. A good movie makes you feel all good, inspired and thoroughly entertained. Movies will also inspire fanatics who will go to great lengths to keep the feeling alive through
  • Chocolate Lego Pieces

    These brown, pink and white building blocks are actual pieces of chocolate. They were created by a Japanese Illustrator and designer called Akihiro Mizuuchi. The concept is quite easy really. Using
  • AFL Co-Branded Merchandise

    The AFL has released a sweet set of co-branded merchandise with none other than the famous characters on Sesame Street. Elmo and the gang will not feature on merchandise for both children and adults.
  • Custom Lunch Boxes For Adults

    Like many people I bring my lunch in to work each day. It has got nothing to do with saving a few dollars (although that certainly helps too), but more the fact that lunch choices are increasingly becoming
  • Puzzling Putin Printed Shirt Craze

    This has to be one of the strangest fashion fads that I can recall from recent memory. These are t shirts designed by Ivan Yershov and feature President Vladimir Putin. The printed tee shirts are not
  • 5 Retro Custom Printed Mugs

    One of the best ways to wake up in the morning is to enjoy your favourite beverage in a mug that's all your own. Here are some stylish custom
  • Natural Warm Promotional Items

    We came across this effort at creating a branding identity for a young team of Russian architects which we thought was rather cool and quite impressive. Using products and branding that goes back in
  • Get The Branded Look - For Less

    Have you ever looked at some gorgeous promotional items produced for market leaders and envisaged doing the same for
  • Focus on Eco Friendly Promo Goods

    Our eco friendly promotional merchandise range has recently expanded to include an even larger assortment of elegantly designed, naturally appealing products.   Why Eco Friendly Products? The
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