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  • Promotional Identity Product Set for a Studio

    Ever wondered how to make a music studio that has produced the likes of ''Joy Division'' and ''The Stone Roses'' even cooler? Hire the team from ''Fieldwork'', a Manchester based branding and graphic
  • Hilarious Customised Sticky Notes

    Sometimes even the simplest things can be turned into pure comedy gold. Take, for example, the humble promotional sticky note. Most of us have
  • The Amazing Promotional Shoes

    Ever dreamt of flying first class? Well now you can walk in the shoes of those who actually do! Virgin America have created a pair of promotional shoes that will give you a first-class experience with
  • Bootleg Custom Branded Logo Products

    There's just something hilariously entertaining about obviously bad knock offs. To me, they're a source of constant amusement. The idea that someone, somewhere, probably in a sweatshop in a distant
  • Brand Your Merchandise With Trump's Writing

    The upcoming 2016 US Presidential Election has been one of the more colourful ones to say the least. Donald Trump, larger than life real estate magnate who, until recently was probably best known for
  • Ingenious Corporate Gift Idea

    Ever been faced with the dilemma of wanting to drink straight out of the wine bottle? But social 'norms' prevent you from doing so? Well look no further, we've found an amazing product which would be
  • Amazing Personalised Pencils

    Regular pencils (not coloured pencils) are enjoying something of a renaissance of late. Perhaps this may be due to Smart Technology and virtual keyboards, that are rather sterile and impersonal. Here
  • Marketing Item Stunt with Craft Chips

    It's a hot day, no clouds in the sky. You are sitting in the garden of your favourite pub about to tuck into a fine, high-quality craft beer...and then you realise - where are the equally high-quality
  • 5 Award Winning Logos

    To say that I love looking at logos is an understatement. I love logos and using them to brand onto different products can result in some exceptional looking designs and finishes. Here are 5 of the
  • Origins of Promotional Popcorn

    I think we can all agree that a trip to the cinema, a night in at home, or visiting a fair or expo becomes even more enjoyable once popcorn is added to the mix. There's something absolutely irresistible
  • MYOB Branding into Space by a Balloon

    The brand MYOB makes people think about accounting software right? Well the folks at MYOB want you to think about that branding as more than just accounting as do a lot more than that. So how best to
  • Amazing Promotional Pen Artwork

    The humble ball point pen is a staple of everyday office and home life. When we need to jot down a phone number or write a note, we reach for the nearest pen. Pens are so commonly used that they make
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