Achieve Sustainability Goals with Recycled Promotional Lanyards

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Modern consumers are becoming increasingly discerning with brands when it comes to environmental sustainability. In fact, studies have shown that customers are more likely to recognise and transact with a company with environmental goals aligned with their own values. Promotional campaigns that are built on and driven by sustainability goals tend to generate a lot of traction and business. That is why we are seeing an increased enthusiasm for sustainable and promotional eco-friendly products. In particular, promotional lanyards are becoming the promotional merchandise of choice for many brands and sponsors.

  • Promotional lanyards are practical accessories used by almost everyone.
  • The lanyard’s practicality translates to a wider brand reach and visibility.
  • Giving out recycled lanyards not only drives brand promotion but also effectively communicates a brand’s sustainability position and goals to its consumers.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Every year, the global population produces over 350 million metric tons of plastic waste. If left unchecked, our plastic waste will go up to a staggering 1 billion metric tons by 2060. By choosing lanyards made of recycled plastic bottles, companies help cut down our plastic waste and reduce our carbon footprint. But how exactly?

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a polyester fabric made out of plastic bottle waste. PET is as strong and durable as traditional polyester, making it an ideal material for lanyard making and printing. Research has shown that using recycled promotional lanyards drastically minimises CO2 footprint by 70% compared to current polyester thread manufacturing practises. If organisations and brands collectively choose recycled promotional lanyards, the impact on the environment would be massive.

Protect the Environment from Further Pollution

Because PET is a highly recyclable polyester resin, promotional lanyards made from this can be recycled into various household items such as clothing fabrics, carpets, and upholstery. It can also be remelted and crafted into containers like jars, bottles, and cosmetics. PET's lightweight quality and durability also make it an ideal material for creating packaging solutions across several industries.

That said, contaminated recycled lanyards are unsuitable for repeated recycling. The good news is that these can be safely disposed of and incinerated as an energy source (thermal cycling). This is a better option as opposed to adding more to our plastic waste and contributing further to environmental pollution.

Impressive Durability = Extended Product Life

Promotional products that break within a few days turn off your customers and hamper their perception of your brand. In contrast, items made of recycled materials, such as PET-based lanyards, are exceptionally durable. That translates to impressive longevity and extended service life. The best part, durable lanyards positively impacts the environment because longer product life means less waste.

Attracting More Industry Partners 

Promoting your brand with eco-friendly merchandise helps attract organisations from other sectors, which can result in partnerships and collaboration opportunities. It provides companies with the opportunity to share their stories and explain how their products are sustainable, inspiring other enterprises to launch their own sustainability initiatives and strengthening business relations in the long term.

Go Green with Cubic Promote

Cubic Promote supports organisations in their pursuit of environmental security and sustainability. We have a vast selection of eco-friendly promotional lanyards to help drive their campaigns and convey a message of environmental responsibility to their consumers. Cultivate customer recognition, trust, and loyalty by showing that you care about the environment. Promote your brand with eco-friendly lanyards and capture hearts and increase your ROI now.

We guarantee high-quality recycled lanyards that can be customised to suit their branding and promotional needs. Our eco-friendly lanyards boast exceptional durability, ensuring extended service life, longer staying power, and unhindered connection to customers that value green initiatives and partners that subscribe to ethical and environmental practices.




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Wendy Li

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