Ponchos for Team-Building Adventures

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As an Aussie, we're always up for some adventure and team-building activities with our mates. Whether it's catching waves on the beach or trekking up mountains, nothing beats bonding over epic experiences in mother nature's playground. However, finding the perfect way to bond with your colleagues can be daunting. Luckily, Cubic Promote has got us covered - quite literally - with their customised ponchos that keep everyone comfortable and dry while promoting the brand.

1. Custom raincoats for unforgettable experiences.
2. Personalized gear to stand out.
3. Advertise your brand with style.

Custom Raincoat Benefits

Are you tired of boring company picnics or stale office outings? It's time to embrace the great outdoors with some adventure-packed activities! With Cubic Promote's customized promotional ponchos, your team can comfortably experience nature without any splashback surprises. Here are some benefits of these epic raincoats:

  • Keep everyone dry and comfortable during outdoor adventures no matter what Mother Nature throws their way.
  • Make outdoor adventures more exciting by adding an unpredictable element like weather.
  • Show employees that their comfort is a priority even during unconventional events.
  • Increase participation levels and boost morale with fun mini-trip ideas involving hiking up mountains or trekking through valleys while staying dry as toast in colorful branded ponchos.

Personalise Your Gear

Make your next corporate outing more special with personalized gear from Cubic Promote! These custom-made promotional ponchos will make your team stand out in style while also showing off your brand logo. Here are some reasons why you need personalized gear for your next trip:

  • When you add custom logos onto these fancy raincoats made with roughneck fabric, you'll be advertising all over events!
  • Show off how much you care about employees' comfort by creating personalized items just for them.
  • Get rid of wardrobe issues that keep participants from engaging wholly in adventurous activities.
  • Create lasting memories of shared experiences instead of flimsy trinkets or tacky souvenirs.

Chrysalis Financial Services Success Story

Once a stuffy and formal workplace, Chrysalis Financial Services decided to spice things up with an outdoor team building activity. With unpredictable weather conditions in play, the team turned to Cubic Promote's customized promotional ponchos for their employees' comfort.

As they trekked through muddy terrains and rainy weather, everyone stayed dry and cosy in their eye-catching branded raincoats. The colorful gear made for great photo opportunities and enlivened the mood despite the gloomy weather.

The personalized ponchos not only upped the morale of the team but also served as walking advertisements for Chrysalis Financial Services at the event. The clients appreciated their inclusivity towards employee comfort while still maintaining a professional image.

Thanks to Cubic Promote's product expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, Chrysalis Financial Services created distinctive company branding moments that were remembered long after the event ended.


Overall, nothing beats bonding with your mates over some adventure-packed activities in mother nature's playground. With Cubic Promote's customized promotional ponchos, you can keep everyone comfortable and dry while promoting your brand at the same time. These personalized gear make for great walking advertisements that showcase how much you care about employee comfort while still maintaining a professional image. So why settle for boring corporate outings when you can spice things up with epic adventures and unique branded raincoats? It's time to add some excitement into your workplace culture!

Author Profile: David De Mulder

David De Mulder

David is a sales manager at Cubic Promote with over 13 years of experience in the promotional product industry. David is the resident expert on promotional pens, corporate gift packs, and promotional product distribution across multiple departments. Visit him on LinkedIn or email him at david@cubicpromote.com.au

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