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  1. advertising that SCREAMS and YELLS and YELLS!!


    I'm wondering today. Is it just me? Have you noticed that TV advertisements as well as Radio and even somehow printed materials that we now have a tendency to YELL? Don't know about you but gosh it's really annoying nowadays. Over the weekend I was yelled at by an electrical store (this one is a very very bad culprit), some guy selling shoes, furniture, a discount store chain, an auto accessories place and several others that i forgot. But gosh, its really really got to the point where all this yelling of sales and the get in first bargains have no impact on me anymore. There's always this voice in these advertisements that doesn't stop yelling. Unbelievably they even convey this message in printed advertisements with extra big fonts and harsh colour tones.

    From my

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  2. Grade B Memory

    Ha!!! So you think we don't know right! You think everyone in this industry does not realise what you are doing. We know exactly who you are and we think you are a deceptive little lying rat and there are laws against this..... Australian Consumer Laws and I hope one of the poor customers that you have conned will lodge a complaint and take you out.

    You might have thought I've gone nuts, well maybe just a little. I'm a little upset because we have this competitor who sells promotional flashdrives at unbelievable prices. Fair game you might say, and I agree except the product that this company / individual sells are actually second hand products advertised as brand new.

    For personalised flashmemory there are 2 categories broadly speaking.

    First: Brand New Memory Chips Which have been quality tested and qc passed. These are manufactured under strict licenced conditions to ensure data retention and read/write speeds. Broadly speaking these are called Grade A memory.

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