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  1. Marketing from The Royal Wedding

    Today Kate Middleton & Prince William will be married. Its gearing up to be the biggest televised event ever with billions tuning in!! With this big event I have noticed a huge pick up in advertising for travel packages to the UK and Europe in general. These ads are not targeting travel to attend and see the wedding but to travel to Europe for your next holiday. These smart companies are definitely riding the popularity wave. So here are some marketing quirks I have been noticing about the Royal Wedding.


    1. Capitalise on big events for marketing.
    2. Create innovative and branded products.
    3. Leverage traditional values in marketing.

    Royal Wedding's Marketing Tips

    1. Field Experts - There
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  2. Branding Tips To Give You An Edge

    Branding and the perception you give to clients or potential are very important. It makes the difference between a business that will grow or a business that will fail as your branding image can provide you new customers, hang on to old customers and even effect what and how much you charge for your product or service. In saying that here are some tips I came across which I though was terrific in establishing your company brand in a superior way.

    1) Present yourself in the correct way. I have come across law professionals in very casual attire. All day, every day. Now I'm sure they are terrific at what they do but they certainly dont come accross that way. I have also met interior designers who dress like bank managers which certainly made me consider their creative credentials. So look the part and make sure what you say, what you present and all visible elements about you and your company from websites to business cards all enforce a relevant message.\

    2) Look for a Niche

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  3. Traditional vs. Eco Non-Woven Bags

    Promotional bags are a popular marketing tool for companies looking to increase brand awareness and promote their products or services. However, with so many different types of bags available, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. This article explores the differences between promotional non-woven bags and eco non-woven bags, providing valuable insights into which option is best for your business.

    1. Choose eco bags for sustainability.
    2. Customise with eco-friendly options.
    3. Consider practicality and durability.

    Sustainability Factors

    Promotional non-woven

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  4. Why It Pays to Have a Strong Brand

    A brand name which is not only well known and recognisable but also associated with all things good such as reliability, prestige, quality and other positive traits will give your company an unbelivable boost up in all aspects from being able to sell more, sell at a higher price and even help in business products such as borrowing funds. We work with many companies who are very strict in how their image is portrayed and they have branding guidelines which run into dozens of pages long.

    So why bother with all this fuss about your brand?

    Well take this example. You are at the super market and your about to purchase a can of sardines. There are 3 different brands on offer all at the same price. One of these is attractively packaged with nice colours and

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