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  1. Do you really need to Eject an Mp3 Player or USB key?

    USB Keys and Mp3 players are always one of our best seling items. However have you ever wondered why you need to go through the process of locating the small icon to eject a flashdrive? To me I always found it a waste of time. Especially when I am running late and I simply need to unplug and switch off quickly. So I decided to do some research on why.

    Basically ejecting a flashdrive tells the computer to stop writing files and reading files onto the flash memory. When you are in the middle of loading data onto a flashdrive if you simply remove it from your computer it will more than likely corrupt your file and potentially any other file within your flashdrive. The file would likely be totally corrupted and not be able to salvage. In many instances though even though you have not accesssed any files nor issued commands to access your USB key it still may be in the process of either being read or written. This is because running in the background your computer may have small

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  2. Multi Functional Promotional Items

    Multi Functional Promotional Items

    Whats a multi functional promotional item? Well think of a Swiss Army Knife and you would be on the right track. A product that simply has multiple functions for multiple uses. Why is this impotant in promotional items? Well the most important aspect of promotional items is definitely functionality. There are of course many other aspects which make a product terrific and desirable however if an item simply does not have a function or a purpose it essentially wont be appealing. An item that has no function is normally referred to as an art piece. ie. definitely not something that you would want to use as a corporate branded product. Now all of the items on our website all feature one thing in common in that they all serve a purpose and a function. However there are a few products that stand out in that they offer multiple functions. This makes the item especially appealing and if you were using the product as a fund

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  3. QR Code Promotional Products

    By popular demand we are launching more and more promotional products that can accomodate a QR code. However first things first. Hands up to those who has not heard of a QR code? So what is it? QR stands for Quick response Code. Here's a snapshot of what it does. A QR code will typically look like this:

    First thing you notice is that its a square and its got funny little random mini squares inside it. A QR code always looks like this. There wont ever be a QR code thats not a square nor not have random mini squares inside it. The QR code above is actually from our own website. So what does this square with a bunch of squiggles do? Well you point at it with a smart phone which is enabled to accept QR codes. Typically all new gadgets that have one of these

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  4. High Visibility Promotional Products

    High Visibility Promotional Products are items designed to capture attention and increase brand awareness by featuring vibrant colors, reflective materials, or eye-catching designs. These products are often used in marketing campaigns to ensure that a company's logo or message stands out, making a lasting impression on potential customers or clients.

    • High Visibility Promotional Products are designed to capture attention, increase brand awareness, and enhance safety in various industries.
    • Key benefits of these products include increased brand exposure, attracting attention, versatility, and cost-effective marketing.
    • Popular high visibility items include safety vests, trousers, T-shirts, polo shirts, umbrellas, wristbands, bag tags, and overalls.

    The Importance 

    High visibility promotional products are important for several reasons, as they play a crucial role in enhancing

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  5. Types of Fabric Used In Promotional T Shirts & Polos

    Polo Shirts and Tee shirts are by far our biggest selling types of apparell. We can have polos and tees either screen printed with your logos or embroidered. These shirts are all available in a variety of colours and a variety of price points to suit your needs. The great thing I have noticed is that most people do look for something thats in a median price point. Basically most people try to strike a balance between budget as well as having a garment that people would want to wear and that is of resonable quality and importantly stylish which is definitely a sensible way to select a promotional tee shirt or polo shirt.

    What makes a shirt appealing is the overall cut and style (which we will discuss on a later post) as well as the type of fabric used. Different fabrics used on different shirts will lead to remarkable differences in both the shape of the shirt as well as the colour. The most popular way to gauge a shirt quality is by GSM. That is Grams Per Square Metre. Using

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  6. Winter Promotional Products

    Winter is upon us! I love winter. The cool breeze in the morning is really refreshing. The bad thing about winter is that a lot of cool promotional giveawaysare no longer appropriate. Things like: Flip flops, Beachballs, Beach Towels. They are definitely no longer as appealing. Another bad thing about Winter time is that it tends to be a very grey and dark affair. Most clothing is on the darker side.


    • Winter promotional items can combat the season's darker colors by offering colorful and functional products.
    • Popular winter promotional products include custom beanies, logo scarves, branded gloves, and reusable coffee cups.
    • By selecting practical and appealing winter promotional items and businesses can maintain brand visibility.

    If you needing promotional products now is the perfect time to add some

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  7. Your Event Clothing - Tips to Complete that Look!

    Would you be holding anyone of the following in the near future by any chance?

    - Charity Fund Raisers
    - Exhibition or tradeshows
    - Have a catering team
    - Need uniform for your sales staff
    - Have any marketing where your team needs to face the public?

    If so you may need to consider needing clothing which is customised with your branding and in your event colours to enhance both the look of your activity as well as inject some pride with your partipating volunteers or team members. The season in the past few weeks have definitely crept up on us really quickly and its really cold now.

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  8. Tips To Avoid Buying Dodgy Promotional Items

    Tips To Avoid Buying Dodgy Promotional Items

    Buying promotional items should be a simple fun experience. Ordering custom branded merchandise for your event shouldnt take you a lot of time and definitely should not give you heart ache when you receive the product, especially when its inferior or faulty. Custom branded merchandise is marketing, its fun and recipients love getting a little token or memento of your event or your company so it should be all happy and smiles and definitely not heart ache!

    We know that you dont order customised merchandise all the time and we realise that you have a dozen other pending tasks at any given point. That is why when you purchase a product it should be with great service, great value and be a seamless shopping experience. With that in mind here are some handy hints and tips to purchasing promotional items with your logo

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